The economist report: time to take gum disease seriously

gum diseaseKick start your year with Iain Chapple MBE who will host a free webinar on gum disease on Tuesday 11 January at 19:00.

Professor Iain Chapple MBE will discuss gum disease and highlight the global burden it plays.


  • To demonstrate the global burden of periodontitis
  • To illustrate the financial and societal costs of periodontitis in Europe
  • Demonstrate the societal and economic impacts of preventing and/or treating periodontitis
  • To share details of the Economist Intelligence Units analysis of the economic and societal costs of periodontitis and what we can do about it.


  • To educate delegates on the steps of periodontal care from the S3 treatment guidelines
  • Inform how the steps of care are now embedded into a ‘for avoidance of doubt’ document by the BSA that supports phased-care provision
  • To convince delegates that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the webinar delegates will:

  • Understand the societal and economic costs of periodontitis
  • Appreciate the steps of care required to successfully manage periodontitis
  • Understand how to apply the BSA’s new for avoidance of doubt statement on phased care for periodontitis
  • Understand how they can make periodontal care work within NHS primary care dental practice.

Iain Chapple

Iain Chapple MBE is professor of periodontology, director of research for the Institute of Clinical Sciences, and former head of the School of Dentistry (2016-2020) at The University of Birmingham UK.

He has written 13 textbooks and 35 book chapters.

Iain was awarded the Charles Tomes medal of the Royal College of Surgeons (2011) and the IADR Distinguished Scientist in Periodontal Research 2018.

He is a practising clinician with 35 years’ experience.

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