Celebrating Dental Nurses Day 2021

National Dental Nurses DayThe fourth annual Dental Nurses Day has kicked off – and we are using the day to celebrate all things dental nursing!

After an especially challenging two years, we are shouting loud about the incredible efforts of the UK’s dental nurses – pre-COVID, during the pandemic and now!

Dental Nurses Day was kicked off by the Society of British Dental Nurses (SBDN) in 2017 to celebrate the first examination of UK dental nurses in 1943.

So to mark the occasion, we are sharing the stories behind the country’s powerful dental nurse community.

We will also bring together clips and comments from dentists giving thanks to the dental nurses who make a huge difference in dentistry.

The nurses…

Anna Symmonds

Workplace: Southend Orthodontics 

Why I love my job: I love working in orthodontics as it gives me the opportunity to be a part of a patient’s smile journey. It’s so rewarding during a debond appointment, seeing a patient so happy with their result, and knowing the whole team has worked so hard to achieve that smile. 

Fun fact: I always wear pink scrubs on a Wednesday, mean girls style.

Tyler Curtis

Workplace: Kiln Lane Dental Practice 

Why I love my job: The reason why I am passionate about dental nursing is because I care about the patients and putting a smile on their face everyday.

I love dentistry for the diversity of the role. I love travelling the journey from start to finish with the patient and seeing their confidence grow makes my job worthwhile.

My main passion is sedation as I get to see another side of dentistry. By helping the more nervous and anxious patients, I am able to build their confidence on their dental journey with a smile. 

Fun fact: I get to appear on The Real House Wives Of Cheshire on Itvbe along side my friend & principal dentist Hanna Kinsella.

Ruth Burgoyne

Workplace: Scottish Centre of Excellence in Dentistry in Glasgow

Why I love my job: There is something so rewarding with helping your patients on their dental journey. A feeling of achievement and appreciation as you deliver the highest standard of patient care from start to finish, not only on the technical areas but also the emotional report we create along the way.

Working in a busy environment means the job can sometimes get stressful. But what gets you through is an amazing team, colleagues who build each other up and motivate you to keep learning. 

Fun fact: one thing on my bucket list is to do a skydive.

Rebecca Fitzsimons

Workplace: Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic, Navan, County Meath, Ireland

Why I love my job: There are a number of opportunities available to a dental nurse if we want to progress into different areas of dentistry. I love that no day is the same and there is always something I learn within a day’s work.

If anyone knows me, I am a very organised person, so being a dental nurse, this is a skill I love to implement into my work. I also love seeing the results of cosmetic dentistry as it can really boost a patient’s confidence.

Karla Macey

Workplace: Trallwn Dental Surgery in Swansea, south Wales

Why I love my job: I have been dental nursing since 2007 and I enjoy it as I love interacting with patients and being a support to them before, during and after their treatment.

I love keeping up to date with all things cross infection and love data working in the decontamination room. I am soon to do my fluoride application course, which is something I have a huge interest in.

Fun fact: A fun fact about me is that I studied performing arts for 15 years of my life, I started when I was just three years old!

Gemma Forsythe

Workplace: Magee Dental Care, Lurgan, Northern Ireland.

Why I love my job: I love my job because dental nurses are able to reassure patients during their time in the dental chair which can be a very difficult and distressing time for some people. I also like the variety of the job – no two days are the same.

Steph Sharpe

Workplace: Arnold Dental & Implant Centre

Why I love my job: I love my job because we help people for a variety of reasons on a daily basis. That may be getting somebody out of pain or helping them achieve the cosmetic smile of their dreams.

I also love the patient interaction side. Patients often open up to us and it is very humbling to hear their personal life stories. 

Fun fact: A fun fact about me is, i am a qualified level 1 acro gymnastics coach.

Zoe Wingrove

Workplace: Cotswold Dental Wellness

Why I love my job: I love my job because every day is different. Being able to help people that are nervous, in pain and wipe away the ‘tear of fear’ with a smile at the end is very rewarding.

I get a massive sense of achievement from going that extra mile for each and every patient. 

Fun fact about me: dental nursing has been my first and only job, ever!

Rebecca (Bee) Power

Workplace: Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital 

Why I love my job: Dental nursing isn’t easy, but that is one of the reasons why I love it so much. The opportunities to always enhance your skills and learnings with CPD and the many postgraduate courses you can attend. Dentistry is a vast industry with many different specialities and sectors to work within.

Being able to help our patients in the roles that we as clinicians feel comfortable in is so important. Another thing that I love about dental nursing is the camaraderie and teamwork that makes the job so unique. Being able to be part of an amazing team of other nurses and the support we give each other is really what drives my passion in dentistry. 

Fun fact: I am addicted to sugar! Not great for a dental nurse!

Name: Preetee Hylton

Workplace: The No8 Partnership, Chelsea, London

Why I love my job: I love being a dental nurse because I am part of a team working relentlessly to provide the highest level of patient-centred and professional dental care; being professionally super-compatible with my clinician, John Good, and both of sharing the same core values when it comes to dentistry, certainly helps.

Fun fact about me: I am originally from Mauritius and I can speak (as well as read and write in) both French and Hindi!

Danielle Schroven

My job is something I look forward to everyday. Not everyone can say that, but for me I enjoy the people, the staff and obviously the objectives of the job. To be able to get people out of pain, create happier smiles and make a difference to someone’s life is just amazing. So many people come with insecurities and worries and we are able to adjust these insecurities into happier, more confident smiles. What more could you want out of a job?

The last year has been difficult with the pandemic but having the right team on your side and working together makes it all worth it. I definitely am looking forward to finding out where the dentistry world will take me and I can’t wait to further my education.

Fun fact about me: I was a contestant for Miss England 2018!

…and why they matter

Dr Amo Sohal

Nurses’ names: Millie, Ella, Kira, Martine, Georgia, Ellie

Workplace: Broadway Dental Boutique 

Why I’m grateful: Our nurses are part of the backbone of our practice. Ranging from all infection control procedures being maintained to building relationships with our patients to finally making our dentists’ days as smooth as possible. For this I cannot thank them enough for all the hard work they bring to our busy practice and ensure it continues to run smoothly. Thank you!

Keshav Kapoor

Nurse’s name: Yasemin Esiroglu 

Workplace: Viva Dental Studio 

Why I’m grateful: I’m extremely lucky to be working with an individual like Yaz. Not only is she amazing at her job but the energy brings to work, makes working with her a pleasure. 

She is amazing with our patients and that’s because she genuinely cares about everyone she engages with. 

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