Dive into digital dentistry with clear aligners

Dan Shaffer discusses the benefits that come with using an intraoral scanner and how it can easily integrate with digital dentistry and clear aligner workflow.

In the 10 years I have been using my intraoral scanner I have transformed my practice and positively impacted my revenue profile. If you are a GDP on the cusp of making the decision to invest, perhaps I can help you take that final step.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in an intraoral scanner.

1. Streamline your workflow

Using an intraoral scanner, the process of acquiring digital impressions is typically faster than traditional impressions. It reduces the number of steps required and delivers images to your computer instantly.

Scanning accuracy is high and improving all the time, but will vary from machine to machine. There is a learning curve, but once the basic skills are embedded, the process of capturing scans gets easier.

Get started and your confidence will grow.

2. Increase efficiency

Using your intraoral scanner across a range of workflows has the potential to save you time and also create space for additional consultations.

You have the opportunity to review a scan with the patient in the chair. Deal with any corrections swiftly; simply hit delete and re-scan.

Your scanner also has medicolegal benefits too. Easily explain everything, discuss every option and add to the clinical records.

3. Initiate clear aligners

With an ‘open’ intraoral scanner, it is easy to introduce new workflows. Initiating clear aligner treatment is a straightforward introduction to the digital workflow. It can also make a real difference to practice revenue. With Active Aligners, it’s simple: scan and send, review and treat.

Developed for dentists, by dentists, if you need clinical support, you get it from practitioners who understand the system. Their experience then benefits you.

With aligners under your belt, consider extending to crown and bridge work or implants to maximise your investment.

4. Improve patient comfort

Evidence continues to build demonstrating that, when compared to conventional impressions, use of an intraoral scanner is more comfortable for patients (Goracci et al, 2016).

Unlike the traditional use of PVS, which is messy, requires the patient to sit with material in their mouth and can lead to gagging, use of an intraoral scanner takes just a few minutes and has been shown to be preferred by patients (Yuzbasioglu et al, 2014).

5. Showcase your investment

An intraoral scanner has the potential to change your patients’ perception of a visit to the dentist.

It is likely the first time your patient sees an image of their own mouth on the screen. Not only will this engage your patients and improve communication between you, but it can help you explain what treatment you are proposing and enable the patient to self-identify issues that they want to resolve.

All of this can help your practice stand out and increase the spread of positive news as your patients talk to family and friends.

6. Utilise your staff

Training one or more members of your team to use the intraoral scanner increases practice efficiency.

Not only are they more motivated, but you can improve utilisation by having them scan whilst you treat.

7. Benefit the environment

If you make the switch to digital scanning, you can dramatically reduce the need for PVS impressions. This therefore saves on material costs and model storage.

Taking a digital impression can deliver a high quality scan, save money and also create less waste.

Acquire a free* intraoral scanner with three Active Aligners cases per month

Active Aligners UK are working in cooperation with Carestream Dental UK to make it perfectly simple to improve your patient’s smile and generate a healthy margin.

You can acquire an unlocked intraoral scanner to use for workflows of your choice.

Purchasing your Carestream Dental 3600 intraoral scanner costs £450 +VAT by monthly direct debit*. Or upgrade for a one-off fee (CS 3700 for £3,000; CS 3,800 for £7,000).

Then get a discount of £150 for each of your first three Active Aligners cases per month*. One case per month will generate a profit. Submit three cases each month and the capital cost of the scanner is covered – just VAT to pay.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

For more information simply visit activealigners.co.uk or call one of our team on 0207 307 5959. We would be delighted to talk with you about introducing Active Aligners in your practice.


Goracci C, Franchi L, Vichi A and Ferrari M (2016) Accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of intraoral scanners for full-arch impressions: a systematic review of the clinical evidence. Eur J Orthod 38(4): 422-8

Yuzbasioglu E, Kurt H, Turunc R and Bilir H (2014) Comparison of digital and conventional impression techniques: evaluation of patients’ perception, treatment comfort, effectiveness and clinical outcomes. BMC Oral Health 14(1): 10

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