Flori – taking an integrated approach to customer data

floriWes Beard talks about the importance of taking an integrated approach to customer data when choosing a technology supplier.

What is technology integration?

Today, dental practices rely on various technologies to keep the business running. Any technology used serves the same purpose; to help a business achieve their goals with maximum efficiency.

Technology integration is the process of aligning business and technology. It ensures all systems and devices can work in harmony together.

With the rapid advancement of new technologies across the globe, businesses are now choosing to adopt an integrated approach due to the benefits these bring.

By choosing the right technology supplier, dental practices can capitalise on new digital capabilities. These can help build deeper relationships with patients, generate more patient leads, increase efficiency, and make better business decisions.

Why take an integrated approach?

As a business, being able to ensure that your chosen technology supplier can integrate with your current dental system, seamlessly, is of great importance.

Using our open API, we can ensure all dental technology providers have the ability to feed any customer enquiries from our bespoke chatbot, Flori, easily into their system.

Using our technology, not only does this mean that you can incorporate conversational marketing into your business, but you can also make certain that this will easily integrate and work alongside your chosen dental technology system.

By utilising the power of Flori, you can enhance the practice’s technology abilities. This leads to an increase in leads, providing faster customer support and delivering a better customer experience.

At Total Chatbots, we already have great experience working alongside leading dental conversion software providers such as Dengro. Our partnership with Dengro has ensured that the technology we provide is not only compatible for all dental practices, but enhances both the customer and user experience.

By using Flori, patient leads are quickly captured and generated. Before being nurtured and converted in Dengro. This maximises the patient experience, and increases revenue per patient.

We have shown that by previously integrating our technology with solutions such as Dengro, we are able to unite quickly and easily with other dental technologies on the market.

This is just one example of how we can help further enhance the practice’s technology, strengthening the digital capabilities.

The ‘single customer’ approach

When managing customer interactions and relations, it is also critical to have a ‘single customer view’ approach.

What do we mean by this? Good question!

We consider a ‘single customer view’ to be one that allows businesses to track a patient’s entire journey. From point A to B, in a seamless fashion.

For example, does your business know when a patient contacts you that they haven’t, in fact, done so before? Or are they treated as a brand-new patient every time?

Your answer to that question may affect your business-patient relationships more than you know.

With our integrated approach, we ensure that a patient’s journey is mapped in its entirety when they get in touch with your business. Our system allows for patient’s chat histories with both the chatbot, and with a live chat agent, to be recorded and accessible at any time. Our open API (as mentioned previously) also allows for seamless passing of patient leads, bookings, and queries into your CRM solution. This makes it even easier to access a patient’s records and journey.

We are also rolling out a complete overhaul of our live chat interface and features.

This new version of the live chat dashboard acts as a central location to the entire chat history for individual patients. As well as their treatment queries, leads, appointments, and more.

More than this is the ability for live chat agents on our solution to natively send email/SMS directly to a patient from this central location. No need to juggle live chat and sending text messages with our solution!

This all-in-one approach to our live chat interface by integrating email, SMS, chat history, and lead history allows for a seamless mapping of a customer’s experience with your business. It allows you to better tailor how you manage the patient journey.

Industry co-operation is key

We believe that the best way for the dental industry to truly prosper is for suppliers within the industry to start working together. Allow for open API usage. And therefore allow for their services/products to seamlessly slot together to form a single, coherent system. This will help your dental practice handle patient interactions with ease.

Dentistry giants working together will only serve to benefit patients and practices alike; that’s why we’re working together with industry-leading dental website providers to promote our integrated approach to patient relationships and minimise the workload for your business.

Such a partnership allows the dental industry as a whole to start opening up to the benefits of system integration. And moving away from antiquated patient-business approaches to the future of customer relationship management. All in a single, integrated solution.

Why should you implement our technology?

Making data more accessible throughout the practice can only produce positive results.

Improved communications, streamlined workflows, and higher customer satisfaction allows for growth in remarkable ways. It gives practice owner’s better insight into their data by keeping all relevant and required information in one place. It helps find opportunities for growth and areas that the business can capitalise on. As well as providing a completely personalised experience for each and every patient.

By attracting patient enquiries through a multi-channel approach, using a tool such as Flori, then nurturing those enquiries into deeper customer relationships via the dental practice’s CRM and management software, both the patient experience and the efficiency of your practice is maximised.

For more information on Total Chatbots and Flori, visit www.totalchatbots.com.

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