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Dengro explains how it can help you to increase patient conversion in practice

Dengro is helping dental practices across the UK convert leads worth more than £1.5 million every month. So, can it help your practice?

Fundamentally, Dengro helps in two distinct ways:

It helps front of house teams collect, collate, nurture and convert leads interested in treatment at your practice

It provides managers and principals with a set of simple practice and marketing performance reports to help analyse and influence growth.

As front of house teams become ever-busier, practices look to improve their internal systems to positively influence one of the most important roles in practice: the nurture and conversion of new business.

Simplified systems

Dengro is an online tool that simplifies lead management, helping everyone in the practice track, nurture and convert more leads into patients. Let’s take a look at some specifics…

Figure 1

The ‘Today’ dashboard

The ‘Today’ page (Figure 1) is essentially an intelligent to-do list. It presents everything the team needs to do that day, in order to keep conversion momentum.

Leads are pulled automatically into Dengro from online marketing channels such as Facebook, Google, landing pages or the practice website. There’s no need to waste time searching for leads – they all appear automatically on the Dengro dashboard, ready to follow-up and convert.

New leads receive a series of nurture email and SMS messages sent by Dengro on behalf of the practice, warming them to a consultation. At the same time, the practice team receives an instant ‘new lead’ SMS and email notification, for real-time follow-up.

Smart follow-up reminders appear on the dashboard too, reminding the team to contact leads again – presenting all the relevant contact information. Any notes from their last contact with the prospect are also available, allowing the team to build a communication history.

Figure 2

Leads list

The ‘Leads list’ page (Figure 2) is just that: a list of everyone interested in treatment at the practice. Filtering the list enables the practice to understand the number of leads at each stage of conversion and their potential value.

This data can also be exported and downloaded if, for example, the practice wanted to remarket to those who fell out of the funnel at any point.

Figure 3

Lead profile

The ‘Lead profile’ page (Figure 3) is where the information specific to a lead is held. Details here include contact information and preferences, the treatment or treatments of interest, their location relative to the practice, as well as any notes from previous conversations. There’s also a timeline of automation interactions: messages delivered, opens, what they clicked on and when.

Real-time reporting

For busy managers and principals, having an instant view of marketing and practice performance is paramount to understanding and influencing growth.

Dengro provides reports to help practices to catch, nurture and convert leads to treatment the easy way.

Figure 4

Practice summary

The practice summary (Figure 4) allows users to see what lead activity there has been in practice to date, as well as the volume of leads, and from which channels. The data is presented at every stage of the conversion journey.

Figure 5

Lead generation (Figure 5)

Dengro’s reports allow users to understand which marketing activities are producing the most leads. In addition, and more importantly, which of those activities are producing the most conversions with people actually taking up treatment.

Figure 6

Conversion rates (Figure 6)

This report helps the practice understand the flow of conversion through the practice. Is the practice getting lots of new leads, but none booking a consult? Are appointments being booked, but the conversion from consult attended is low? This report allows the team to understand conversion rates, lead objection and highlight areas for improvement and training.

Figure 7

Catchment area (Figure 7)

Dengro helps you to understand where your leads are coming from, geographically. Where are leads converting best? Using this data allows you to geo-target your future online and offline lead generation.

Dengro offers a free 14-day trial, allowing you to improve conversion and support the growth of your practice. To request a quick online demo, or for more details, visit

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