Dental Business Coach – time hijackers

In this video, Chris gives a couple of tips to save time and avoid ‘time hijackers’ so you can give more time to important tasks.

The term time hijackers is given to everything that gets in the way of the stuff that really matters.

Over the years, Chris believes we’ve all become more and more victims to time hijackers.

‘Since COVID, we’ve moved to the left-hand side of the Eisenhower matrix,’ Chris explains.

‘We spend most of our time doing important and urgent, and urgent but not important work. Some of the most important things we need to do are in the important but not urgent quadrant. That’s where we do our business planning, cashflow forecasts etc.

‘Many people have left that to one side, while they deal with the now. But we need to start planning again as we begin to take control of the pandemic situation.’

Avoiding time hijackers

Chris’ top tips for avoiding time hijackers include:

  • Hit the ‘do not disturb’ button – turn off your notifications. That way you won’t become victim to your own personal pindemic
  • Devices stay in your work space at the end of the working day. This way they won’t distract when you’re living your own personal life.

‘Protect your time, protect yourself,’ Chris concludes.

‘Keep those hijackers at bay.’

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