Dentistry podcast – Grant McAree on marketing your practice

Dentistry podcast – Grant McAree on marketing your practice

Grant McAree talks to Dentistry about selling his second practice to a corporate and how practices can raise their marketing game.

In this week’s episode, we hear from Grant McAree, a dental business entrepreneur. He speaks about why marketing ‘ain’t rocket science’ and how it’s fuelled his own success.

Also known as the Dental Business Mentor, Grant – who has set up five squat practices across his career so far – also reveals the top tips that have helped him fly.

‘It’s really tough running your business as a dentist,’ he says.

‘You have to put your head down, look after staff, make sure the money is coming through the door, check associates are happy. There’s so many parts to the business that we all struggle with.

‘But I think if I was going to nail it down, reception is the one area that needs to be monitored better.’

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Topics include:

Topics include:

  • Selling his practice
  • Common mistakes in marketing
  • How it’s helped his success
  • What he’d teach his younger self
  • Top marketing tips.

This podcast was recorded via Zoom.

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