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Lara Watson – facial aesthetic expertIn this month’s Facial Expert column, Lara Watson covers lip enhancement and things to consider when carrying out the procedure.

For aestheticians it’s always, ultimately, about what the patient wants.

The best and most memorable experiences as an aesthetician are when you realise you’ve provided a new-found happiness and confidence to your patient through the treatment you’ve performed.

Lip enhancement

Lip enhancement with dermal fillers is undoubtedly the most varied and personalised treatment within the entire portfolio of injectables techniques.

Some patients will want a transformative procedure with significant volume and definition enhancements. Other patients will simply want a soft hydrated look without significant changes to the volume of the lips or alteration to the shape.

Occasionally, patients present with asymmetries and anatomical anomalies they hope to address with this non-surgical procedure.

It is therefore imperative that the responsible aesthetician takes a thorough and effective history when it comes to lip augmentation. This helps ensure a result that is personalised to the patient and more likely, therefore, to deliver high levels of patient satisfaction.

Case study

Mira presented having always felt a dissatisfaction with the volume of her lips.

Despite being generally happy with the rest of her facial appearance, she felt that her lips lacked the plump and defined appearance that best represented her age and personality.

On examination, Mira had lips that demonstrated desirable upper:lower balance, attractive shape and no asymmetries. But the overall volume and projection relative to the rest of the face was suboptimal.

Restylne Volyme was used to enhance the vermillion border and body through sequential retrograde linear threading injections.

With these injections, the needle was introduced at the vermillion border and advanced superficially, into the vermillion body. Dermal filler was then introduced as the needle was slowly and steadily withdrawn.

The cupid’s bow and philtral columns were treated to create extra definition and the median and lateral tubercles of the upper and lower lip were augmented to create a soft and cushioned appearance.

The lateral aspects of the lips were treated to blend volume in a smooth and seamless transition towards the oral commissures. In total, 1ml of dermal filler was used in a single treatment session.

Lip enhancement

Key points

  1. Due to a rich vascular network, the lips are prone to a greater degree of post-procedural bruising and swelling relative to dermal filler treatment in other areas. Clinicians should ensure that patients are fully aware of these likely side effects and that expectations are managed accordingly. The risk of vascular occlusion, lumps, asymmetry and granuloma formation should always be explored and documented in writing. Clinicians should have protocols and medications available to treat in the event of a complication
  2. The treatment plan should be designed bespoke for each patient, directed by their personal treatment goals and unique anatomy. This can only be achieved through a thorough face to face consultation. The technique and approach will be dictated by the desired aesthetic results and clinicians will have to plan the procedure accordingly
  3. Clinicians should choose a product that provides lift and projection whilst retaining the dynamic capabilities required for a subtle and natural lip augmentation result. I personally love the results I am able to achieve with Restylane Kysse. The product allows me to deliver hydration and soft volume to the body of the lips.

The photographs show the pre-treatment and immediate post-treatment results.

Mira was delighted with the newly showcased definition and the enhanced volume of her lips. Her face, as a whole, appeared more balanced and her smile says all we need to know about the psychosocial impact of this treatment!

Please follow @sw1_aesthetics for more cases like this by Dr Lara Watson. For those looking for higher training in aesthetic medicine including a master protocol for lip augmentation, please visit and follow @acquisitionaesthetics. This surgeon-led and award-winning training academy offers a wide range of training courses throughout the UK including the Level 7 diploma in aesthetic medicine.

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