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Greenlaw Dental Care Denplan PlusDenplan explains how its new Denplan Plus offering can help grow practice patient numbers through exclusive member benefits.

Over the past year, Denplan has been listening intently to dentists from all over the UK to discover what is most important to them and to deepen understanding of where our support is most needed.

The research revealed three priorities:

  • Professional pride in maintaining an orally healthy patient base, with regular attendance allowing for provision of the best dental care possible
  • Staying abreast of ever-changing compliance and regulation. With the increased likelihood of an inspection and the threat of being sued a considerable fear for many
  • The role of a principal dentist as a small business owner and the need to keep the entire practice team happy, engaged and motivated to ensure the success of the business.

Introducing Denplan Plus

Using the research learnings, Denplan developed Denplan Plus. This is a new support agreement designed to offer the most comprehensive solution to professional and business goals for a dental practice owner.

The innovative offering provides a new way of working closer together to further grow your Denplan patient numbers. It also gives you more income and financial stability.

Driven by individual practice needs, this unique proposition includes additional benefits, savings and rewards on top of Denplan’s existing services. It will enable practices to tap into many exclusive benefits to help manage their businesses, increase guaranteed income from payment plans and also make it easier for focus to firmly be placed on patient care.

Denplan Plus is automatically offered to all new Denplan member dentists. But is also available to all existing Denplan practices.

Denplan Plus exclusive member benefits

No patient joining fee – Denplan Plus removes joining fees to make it as easy as possible for you to bring loyal patients on-board. Practice teams will find it easier to support practice growth when they can focus on the patient benefits of preventive oral care and helpful monthly budgeting; this will assist practices with a stable, regular monthly income from returning patients.

Enhanced compliance support – fear of non-compliance is a real concern when it comes to keeping on top of current legislation whilst juggling patient care. So that you can truly embrace compliance and best meet practice needs, there is a choice of either free comprehensive compliance health support or free Denplan Excel membership. Plus a dedicated compliance helpline.

Lower admin costs – with lower admin fees, practice teams can continue to focus on delivering an exceptional experience for patients and growing your profitable business.

Practice excellence – to bring out the best in your team, we support their professional development by introducing new learning pathways. A brand new training package developed by the Denplan Academy uses a blended learning approach. It will give practice teams the tools and techniques to become Denplan experts and ambassadors. This unique programme will ensure the whole practice team feels confident contributing to practice growth. It will also satisfy core CPD hours and address wider business objectives.

Incentives and added benefits – to keep your practice team happy, healthy and engaged. Also offered as part of the package are sign-up incentives and rewards for staff. Such as practice entry into monthly prize draws, plus access to Simplyhealth’s 24/7 video GP and telephone EAP services.

‘Pushing to the next level’

Greenlaw Dental Care near Glasgow recently joined the new Denplan Plus support agreement. Principal dentist, Richard Alexander says: ‘For us as a practice, it is all about pushing onto the next level. So Denplan Plus felt like a natural next step.

‘The extra staff training and the ability to access more information about compliance is so important.

‘Not having the patient joining fee probably makes one of the biggest differences. It allows patients to access Denplan. We noticed it gave us the ability to ramp up the growth even more.’

Video GP service now permanent

The video GP service, which was available temporarily during 2020 in response to the pandemic, is now a permanent benefit for Denplan Plus practices.

Every member of your practice team can access GP appointments via the Simplyconsult app, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alongside the online GP service, Denplan Plus also offers mental health and wellbeing support. This is through telephone counselling and information services in the form of an Employee Assistance Programme.

This resource is available to all practice staff and is totally anonymous. It means any team member requiring support can speak to a trained professional immediately and at any time, in the utmost confidence.

Patient retention and recruitment

Denplan Plus will support practice efforts to keep patients coming back, again and again. Studies show that over 89% of payment plan patients attend dental appointments. Compared with only 59% of pay as you go patients*.

Pam Whelan, sales director at Denplan, said: ‘Regular patient attendance gives dentists the greatest opportunity to deliver the best care. So we want to make it as easy as possible for practice teams to present the benefits of a payment plan to patients.

‘Denplan is committed to a future with our member practices. Within that commitment is our promise to make patient retention and recruitment as efficient and simple as possible.’

Denplan Plus – our new support agreement

The additional support provided by Denplan Plus is now available as part of this new support agreement. For further details visit:

Denplan Plus

*Source: Simplyhealth/Dynata (formerly SSI Researchnow) survey, February 2019.

Regular attenders: PFPI patients. N=564 Payment plan patients, N = 272.

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