Meet the rep – Sophia Pow

Sophia pow southern cross dentalSophia Pow talks about her role at Southern Cross Dental and how she got into the dental industry.

What exactly is your role at Southern Cross?

Sophia Pow (SP): My role within Southern Cross Dental is as new regional sales manager for the UK, building a network of clinical dental partners throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

I will be providing them with one-to-one support across the wide range of dental and restorative solutions and services we have to offer at Southern Cross Dental. Working with a complete digital workflow across all our portfolio, our dental partners will have access to innovative implant solutions to support guided surgery, MTX angled screw access and Digitek CAD/CAM technology.

There are also great advances in sleep apnoea, along with our new Trioclear aligner system that will improve patient comfort and satisfaction as well as ease of use and peace of mind for the clinician.

My ethos is to put our customers first, supporting them to achieve the best outcome for their patients.

How did you get into dentistry?

SP: Having spent the early part of my career working at Nestlé Rowntree selling sweets and chocolates, basically creating cavities, when I was given the opportunity to join Nobel Biocare in 2004. The reason that inspired me to work within dentistry was working within a profession where I would be constantly challenged and educated, daily in the beginning, as dentistry is ever-changing.

Seventeen years later, I have been instrumental in supporting hundreds of customers and patients through their dental journey, changing lives – it really is a great industry to be part of.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

SP: The people! I have met some fantastically accomplished clinicians over the years. There is a real mix of people – from the principal dentists, dental associates, practice managers and nurses etc. This makes each working day a cornucopia of personalities, conversations and great experiences.

If you could do anything else – just for one day – what would it be?

SP: If I could do anything else for just one day, it would have to be a Michelin starred chef showcasing my range of culinary mouth-watering recipes. 

How has COVID-19 affected your clients and your relationship with them?

SP: COVID-19 has been an extremely difficult time for everyone. Communication has been reduced due to the lack social gathering at conferences and courses. Visiting practices at the moment is limited to ensure the safety of patients, staff and ourselves. However, the dental industry and all involved are very resilient and communication and relationships will resume as normal once we can.

There has been more opportunity to organise virtual meetings with customers to discuss support and services. This works really well with many customers as they can fit meetings in outside of the usual lunchtime slot. Meetings generally run for 30 minutes to an hour and are tailored to the customer’s specific interests.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when restrictions are fully relaxed?

SP: The first thing I will do once restrictions are fully lifted is to book a flight abroad, somewhere hot!

How do you unwind?

SP: To unwind I like spending time baking and cooking, creating new recipes. I have also developed super green finger powers. Outside of the winter months, I enjoy evenings cultivating my crop, that I will eventually get to eat!

Where would you most like to travel to in the world?

SP: The place I would most like to travel to in the world (that I have not been already) is India. I had planned to travel around India this year, in line with my milestone birthday, but this seems unlikely now.

Who would play you in the movie of your life?

SP: There is only one woman that would want to both direct my movie and act as me, as I know she would be awesome. That is Regina King.

What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?

SP: The family did have a laugh at our PM’s current hairstyle, at least it confirms hairdressers are closed!

What’s your favourite meal/cuisine?

SP: Gosh! That is a big question, I love so many. Joint first are French and seafood cuisine.

What makes you want to dance?

SP: If you have seen me on the dance floor, you will know I dance to near enough anything, but 80s funk and R&B will get me moving and grooving.

What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?

SP: Currently reading an old school friend’s book, Tribes by David Lammy. Watching a great series on Prime called This is Us. I generally listen to different genres, jazz, R&B, reggae, funk etc… depending on my mood

‘Meet the rep’ profiles the hard-working women and men of the dental industry, with the aim of readers getting to know their local reps on a professional and personal level. For more information about Southern Cross Dental, visit

This article first appeared in Dentistry magazine. You can read the latest issue here. 

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