Riverdale Healthcare – changing the profession’s perception of dental groups

riverdale dentalEmma Barnes CEO, discusses why Riverdale strives to be different and why it added Devonshire House to its growing list of practices.

We are constantly seeking a differential; why is one product or company better than another, it’s human nature.

It is the same for dental groups. Over the years they’ve received a bad rap, rightly or wrongly, for over promising and under delivering. Riverdale is on a mission to change this perception.

Emotional intelligence

Selling the business you have committed your life to over the years is a hugely emotional experience. Dentistry is a community led industry, one that thrives on supporting the needs of patients and selling your business can feel disloyal. Disloyal to your teams who you nurtured over the years, disloyal to your patients who you have been treating since they were young children and disloyal to your associates who currently work for an independent provider.

At Riverdale, we never underestimate how emotional this decision is. Our role is to support you, your team and associates throughout this journey.

It is daunting becoming part of a bigger business – there is so much to consider.

Some dental groups will immediately implement all of their protocols and procedures and expect your team to adapt. After all, it makes sense to have all the practices doing the same thing. It’s easier for regional managers and head office teams to assess how your practice is performing in line with expectation and ensures the manage, monitor and measure system is working. This works for some, but what if there was another way?

What if you and your practice team were treated as unique individuals, supported and developed to achieve their greater potential? After all, you have been successful so far.

This is something we advocate and are working hard to deliver at Riverdale Healthcare.

Supporting individuals

Our support office focuses on providing real support to our practice teams. We want to see them flourish as individuals so they are happy in their work. Because we know that happy and engaged colleagues will always do their best.

We are also proud of how we have given our associates a voice, creating environments for our clinical teams to flourish. Our operations team is clinically led and responsible for making informed decisions for all our Riverdale team. But the first job is keeping the patients’ needs a number one priority.

Our strategy is to continue to develop our people and practices. This way they are best placed to deliver excellent patient centred care, which, until recently, was geographically focused in the north of England.

Growing together

In April this year, we were hugely excited to welcome the Devonshire House team to our family.

Based in Cambridge, the Devonshire House business has been successfully operating for over 100 years. They have added a new string to our bow, something that will benefit the whole group.

What did we see in Devonshire House? We saw us! A group of likeminded individuals who care passionately about quality dentistry and want to share their experience further.

Formed in 2019, Riverdale is a relative newcomer to the UK dental industry. But our team has a lot of experience. Each member of our management team brings their own key skillset to ensure we are fully supporting the practice teams. We know that together, we are stronger.

Riverdale Dental

Riverdale is on a mission – what’s yours?

If you would like to find out more about Riverdale Healthcare and also if we are a good fit for each other, speak to Chris Aylward. He likes a walk and a pint and can provide you with all the information you need about Riverdale Healthcare.

For more information visit www.RiverdaleHealthcare.com.

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