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dentallyNick Davies explores how Dentally can help with the dental practices’ modern workflow in a post COVID-19 world.

The reality of running a dental practice is that the to-do list is often endless. There are a million and one things to do to make your business effective. From managing staff workloads, communicating with patients, marketing, credit control and financials and, most importantly, ensuring that practitioners deliver the highest possible levels of clinical care to patients.

Top of the agenda this year, has been reviewing and adapting internal processes to provide a safe place for staff to work and for patients to visit to maintain their oral health.

The global pandemic has created unprecedented repercussions for so many people. Dental practices have had to respond accordingly to adjust to living with COVID-19 and prevent its transmission.

Technology has been transformative in the way we all live, work and stay in touch with people over the past year.

Cloud technology

For dental practices, using cloud-enabled solutions like Dentally has proven an essential tool. Particularly as we have to become more agile and flexible in the way patient management is undertaken.

Because the new normal means that you’ve got more to do now than ever, it is vital to ensure that your practice management is not slowing you down or hindering your ability to devote the time needed to patients in a safe and efficient manner.

Dentally provides more than just the basics of software patient management. It helps you save time, reduce the admin burden and allow your staff to be more productive, efficient and agile in the way you manage and care for your patients.

Optimising efficiency in the practice with simple workflows and automation tools will also save you money. There are a number of tools in Dentally that can help with this, today we look at:

  • Managing your practice admin from any location
  • Automation taking the effort out of repetitive jobs
  • Task lists for efficient process management
  • Dentally Chat to keep your team talking.

Work from anywhere

Dentally is completely cloud-based. So your team can securely work remotely whenever they need to, taking care of admin or dealing with telephone triage appointments.

This level of flexibility means no disruptions when it comes to providing great patient care.

Dentally enables dental practice teams to divide their time between being on-site at the practice and work remotely from home. This will help reduce staff numbers at the practice for social distancing or due to shielding or limited child care.

All sensitive data is stored securely on the cloud rather than locally. You have robust security for your users to login and access the data.

Take the effort out of repetitive tasks

Using automation to optimise your practice efficiency is an essential tool. It keeps everything running smoothly in your practice and takes care of day to day admin. This ensures your patient communication is consistent.

Automating your patient communications means that you will never forget to create an invoice or message to a patient again!

Automated Patient Communications in Dentally is simple to set up. It allows you to send messages to patients that you can schedule around certain events such as appointments, creation of invoices or estimates.

There are many different scenarios when this tool can really help your practice. From online medical history, appointment reminders and much more!

Automating your recalls also helps you keep your appointment book filled. So conversations are easier and delivered via a patient’s preferred contact method in a timely manner.

Automated recalls in Dentally means that you can set up recall messaging workflows within the software. You can automate the process to send the patient an email, SMS or letter on the appropriate day and time.

Efficient practice management

Tasks List in Dentally allows dental practitioners to assign, track and undertake tasks to improve practice management and manage staff workloads, whether they are working remotely off-site or on-site at the practice.

Patient-specific tasks such as phone calls, correspondence and other admin is set against target dates. These can recur daily, monthly, yearly or periodically to ensure they are completed in a timely manner.

The tasks list also works with Dentally’s outbound telephone calling feature. Here you can make calls directly from the patient record or task itself.

Keep your team connected

Dentally Chat is an instant messaging system that allows dental practitioners and their teams to communicate easily with one another. It encourages social distancing and helps practices to run smoothly and save time.

Keep your team connected wherever they are working. Whether you need to check details with a colleague or send a request from the surgery to the reception team.

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