Align Technology announces 2021 Virtual UKI Orthodontic Summit

align virtual UKI Orthodontic SummitAlign Technology is announcing today a Virtual UKI Orthodontic Summit for British and Irish orthodontists and orthodontic therapists on 26 and 27 February 2021.

The company has curated two days of advanced educational content delivered by a roster of globally-recognised orthodontic specialists. The event will blend plenary lectures with virtual interactive Q&A sessions.

The speakers include Dr Alastair Smith (UK), Dr Catherine McCanny (UK), Dr Graham Gardner (UK), Dr Rafi Romano (Israel), Dr Susana Palma (Spain) and Dr Willy Dayan (Canada).

Dr Graham Gardner

During his lecture, Dr Graham Gardner will underline the importance of monitoring patients on a regular basis using virtual monitoring technology. This enhances the predictability and outcome of their treatments.

A founding member and inaugural president of the European Aligner Society, Dr Gardner will explain why, contrary to common practice, patient monitoring should start at the beginning of the Invisalign consultation process when an orthodontist develops the initial treatment plan, and not at the first aligner stage.

As he says: ‘The combination of the Invisalign system and remote patient monitoring allows us to improve the efficiency of orthodontic treatment, while simultaneously improving treatment outcomes.’

He will also troubleshoot some commonly experienced issues and explain how to resolve and correct tracking issues.

Dr Willy Dayan

Beamed from Canada, Dr Willy Dayan will share some of the most complex and challenging cases he has successfully completed with the Invisalign system.

He will also challenge delegates not to ask what aligners can do. But rather – what they can do with them.

As he says: ‘At the UKI Ortho Summit, I will go through Align Technology’s digital tools. I’ll explain how they make my life better and easier.

‘I will also highlight why doctors still need to bring their A-game to the table. I expect the appliance to get better but I also expect myself to get better as a clinician.

‘We should work together to create new ways of treating patients. Ultimately, doctors should all aim at working smarter and be more productive.’

Dr Susana Palma

Like Dr Dayan, Dr Susana Palma will focus on advanced techniques, and will explain how she harnesses the Invisalign system to treat complex adult and teen cases.

She will also expand on perceived obstacles some orthodontists raise about treating complex cases with the Invisalign system. Dr Palma will explain how she achieves exemplary results with clear aligners.

Dr Palmer advised: ‘For me, treating growing patients is easier.

‘Many orthodontists only treat adult cases with the Invisalign system. They only think of it as an aesthetic treatment, and not as the most predictable and comfortable treatment for their patients.

‘I treat almost all my patients with the Invisalign system. I do not have any preference about the age, as I believe it is the best system to treat them. Irrespective of their age.’

Dr Rafi Romano

The international line-up includes Dr Rafi Romano who will also focus on the scope of the Invisalign system for the treatment of complex orthodontic cases.

His aim is to help delegates visualise the steps he takes as he transitions through some of his most challenging cases. He will address the interdisciplinary digital workflow required when working on complex ortho/restorative cases.

Dr Romano is excited to share his experience: ‘I can confidently say to patients that the only way to treat complex cases is by using the Invisalign system.

‘Clear aligners can do as well as fixed braces. It is not just because the process is faster and easier, but also because it is a lot more predictable.

‘The results are better too. Better in terms of anchorage, in the selection of cases, in movements which is very difficult. Like the open bites and extractions.

‘I became a doctor because I wanted to treat patients in the most efficient way. And now clear aligners are giving me that clinical edge.’

Dr Catherine McCanny

The multi-award winning Dr Catherine McCanny’s focus is also case complexity.

In this instance, for the treatment of teen and younger patients. She is also being joined by her treatment coordinator, Dawn Rimmington. They will present their top tips to running a successful orthodontic practice.

Dr Alastair Smith

Meanwhile, Dr Alastair Smith will demonstrate how he and his team have harnessed the power of full practice digitalisation. And how this has directly contributed to an exponential growth in Invisalign cases.

He will explain how his peers can emulate this by adopting digital workflow best practices to improve their patient experience and increase practice growth.

He concludes: ‘The world we live in now is so different from what it was at the beginning of 2020. Let alone three or four years ago.

‘Our patients’ expectations have been drastically altered in terms of convenience, engagement and customisation.

‘My talk at this UKI Ortho Summit will give some clarity about how orthodontists can rethink their business and put a strategy into place to embrace this new opportunity to become better clinicians with a stronger patient focus.’

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