Save time and boost profits

dentamileRachel Moreland explains how you can save time and boost profits in your dental practice with a digital approach.

There’s no escaping the fact that COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work.

Whether these differences are here for the short or long term currently remains to be seen. But in many areas of our lives it makes us think alternatively about the way in which we approach things.

We have all been able to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues via more virtual means. While this has become a lifeline for many, helping to combat loneliness, it has also shown that we can all work more remotely in many cases.

Travelling less allows us to gain a better work-life balance, saving us both time and money. I can envisage Zoom and Teams calls becoming a more standard approach for businesses when COVID is long forgotten. I live in hope for that day!

There has been a recurring theme of time saving, especially within the dental profession.

Fallow time has heavily impacted on the way dental practices can operate. It drastically reduces the number of patients that can be seen in one day. Not only does this impact on waiting lists, putting increasing pressure on the shoulders of the dental team, it also has an effect on the businesses’ bottom line.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. As humans, we learn to adapt and grow under the circumstances we face in order to survive and then subsequently thrive.

New SOPs have been put in place in order for practices to open again. Now these have become second nature. Many dental teams are learning from them and adapting the way in which they work to ensure that even under the new restrictions, there is a profitable way forward.

Work smart

A great example of this is dental practices that require splints for their patients who present with TMJ symptoms or bruxism issues.

In many cases the time it takes for the splint to return from the laboratory can often mean a wait of around two weeks. I don’t know any dental professionals who rest easy in the knowledge that their patient will remain in pain for this amount of time.

This is where digital printing can really come to the fore.

With a print time of just one hour, your patient could begin to relieve their symptoms in the same day. Having a digital printer in-house means that you can provide all treatment under one roof; so you could scan the patient and book them in for a hygiene appointment while you design and print the splint for them. Not only will your patient begin their treatment much sooner, as a dental business you will also have maximised your profitable working time.

Alternatively, you could work with a digital lab that can produce a printed splint from your own design. With some forward planning and a good working relationship with your lab, you can still offer the same one-day service.

Being able to help patients in such a way can definitely give your dental practice the edge. It allows you something new and exciting to shout about through your existing marketing.

We all love to see the businesses we use embracing the latest technology to enhance the service they provide for customers. Dental patients definitely feel the same way.

The ability to relieve symptoms and get them on the road towards being pain-free in a shorter time frame is always appealing. To do so in less appointments than ever is a complete game changer.

Go digital

At DMG, we have recently launched Dentamile Connect. This is a fully integrated digital workflow that enables you to design, print and post-process all within the same concept.

We have seen customers use our digital products to their advantage under the current circumstances. This allows them to work more efficiently and profitably. Either in-house or as part of a wider network with their dental lab.

We’re so confident that you will love our approach that we are offering a free, seven-day Dentamile trial.

We will give you access to the Dentamile software. As well as training on how to use it and the ability to send us your designed STL files*. We will then carry out the printing for you at DMG UK HQ and post it back to you.

This will give you an indication of the quality you can rely on from our printers. In a post-COVID world, we can also show you our printers in action on site, demonstrating just how easy they are to use and how efficient the print process is.

Digital dentistry is not a passing trend. It is most definitely the future. Are you ready to take your dental business to the next level?

*Maximum of five files.

For more information, get in touch by emailing [email protected] or visit

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