COVID-19 – almost one quarter of UK no longer brush teeth twice a day

Almost one fifth of the UK have resorted to at-home dental treatments following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemicAlmost one fifth of the UK have resorted to at-home dental treatments following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is according to new figures released by Oral-B, which assessed the impact of coronavirus on the oral health habits of the public.

The research found that 20% have taken treatment into their own hands, including filling fittings, using stain removal products and pain-numbing creams.

But it also revealed that almost one quarter of people are no longer brushing their teeth twice a day. Worryingly, 11% admit there are days where they do not brush their teeth at all.

Build up of problems

An additional 18% said they are suffering from bad breath or ‘furry-feeling teeth’.

At the end of March, dental practices were asked to close their doors following the spread of COVID – only reopening again at the beginning of June.

Consequently, millions of dental appointments were delayed. The study shows as a result of the first national lockdown, 51% of people said they have missed a dental appointment.

This has led to a plaque build up (16%), gum problems (10%) and, for some, even tooth loss (7%).

Growing lack of hygiene

The nation’s general personal hygiene has also taken a dive.

For example, 26% of people admit they no longer take a daily shower – with one fifth no longer getting dressed, instead preferring to stay in their pyjamas.

One third of Brits report their growing lack of hygiene is because they are working from home. But 40% admit that they have just become lazier.

The research – which looked at a survey of more than 2,000 participants – also revealed nearly one fifth report still feeling apprehensive when it comes to visiting the dentist.

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