Cloud computing for orthodontists

cloud computing with cloud4orthoCloud4ortho brings cloud and artificial intelligence to the orthodontic sector, reports Dentistry Online.

Cloud computing has changed the way practice management software (PMS) works. Cloud computing offers many advantages compared to more traditional desktop-based software.

A cloud PMS reduces the total cost of ownership of IT hardware, software and maintenance fees and at the same time makes the software more accessible, flexible and user friendly.

Orthodontists using traditional software are missing out on all of these new benefits.

This revolutionary software combines cloud-based access and artificial intelligence (AI) embedded into a management system specifically designed for the orthodontic practice.

Time is precious at the practice. Cloud computing has introduced several features to simplify patient management. For instance, self-patient-registration, a dedicated patient portal providing contactless form filling and appointment booking. Such as with Cloud4ortho. In addition, virtual consultations complete the necessary features for contactless patient journey.

It also assists the orthodontic professional by using AI algorithms and visualising the data in an intuitive graphical way assisting the professional to build the best treatment plan for their patients.

AI provides a great help for professionals in terms of analysis that can be carried out independently by the application. The most compelling use of AI is done in collaboration with Audaxceph. Here, Cloud4ortho provides automatic ceph tracing predicting and simulating skull growth. More than this, it delivers superimposition and visual treatment objectives.

Other applications of AI include:

  • Learning from past bookings to maximise chair utilisation
  • Recognition of pdf documents ensuring automated registration of patient data – saving time and reducing keying errors.

This product promises the highest level of unique features available in today’s market and advanced use of artificial intelligence.

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This article first appeared in Orthodontic Practice magazine. You can read the latest issue here.

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