Dentamile – introducing you to DMG’s digital dentistry offering

At DMG we believe that for dental practices and laboratories to embrace the digital future, an integrated approach to a digital workflow is required.

This is why with Dentamile we have built a concept that allows software, hardware and materials to interconnect perfectly.

The Dentamile Connect software solution is an innovative, cloud-based software for the CAD/CAM production of dental appliances such as occlusal splints.

Dentamile Connect simplifies 3D printing so that users can fully and easily integrate this technology into daily work routines. In both dental practices and laboratories.

The ultimate aim lies in making the use of 3D printing technology a reality without technical barriers.

Digitisation affects dentists and dental technicians in different ways. So it is important to understand the key aspects required in each setting.

To achieve this, we must interlink all sub-processes in the future in a meaningful manner. Our aim therefore is a holistic approach, from both perspectives.

The DMG Dentamile portfolio is your single source for all the components needed for an efficient digital workflow. Let us introduce it to you, so that you can get to know the Dentamile concept for yourself.

Dentamile Connect

After scanning, it’s then time for design and production. With Dentamile Connect, DMG offers a cloud-based solution. It makes the entire processing and fabrication procedure easier, faster and also safer.

As Dr Ian Kerr, Stonerock Dental Care, says: ‘There is no doubt that the DMG Dentamile Connect planning software and printer will revolutionise how we deliver dental care’. Here then are just some of the advantages that dental practices and laboratories can enjoy:

  • Cloud-based: you decide where and when you work
  • Integrated slicing without system/technology changes
  • Fabrication on demand
  • Short learning curve.

Digital printing

Once the design is finished it’s time for the actual printing process. You can choose between two options from The DMG portfolio.

Our all-rounder is the compact 3Demax; a high-precision, high-speed 3D printer for a wide range of dental 3D printing applications.

Thanks to its ultrafine resolution and a generous build area, you can use 3Demax for multiple purposes. These include creating drilling templates, burnout casting structures, splints, crowns and bridges, models and much more. The 3Demax connects to the post-processing units through smart connectivity.

Alternatively, the DMG 3Delite is the compact entry-level unit. It is a perfect introduction into the digital workflow.

Space-saving and easy to use, it integrates into your everyday practice life. The easy handling and calibration are impressive.

The 3Delite is also networked with the post-processing units through smart connectivity.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Uncompromising precision
  • The simplest operation, resource-saving handling
  • Two build areas for efficient printing.

The 3Dewash

The DMG 3Dewash is our cleaning unit for the effective cleaning of the printed objects.

This is done systematically and also in a standardised way as part of the guided process. The stored programs are tailored to the individual materials used.


In the final stage, the 3D printed object goes into the post-curing unit 3Decure for the ultimate light curing as part of a controlled process.

The material-dependent curing programs ensure process reliability for the production of a medical device according to product specifications and documentation.


The Luxaprint family consists of nine high-quality materials for additive digital prosthetics.

The different materials are easy to use and versatile, consequently delivering the DMG ‘made in Hamburg’ quality you’ve come to expect.

Each material is available for two wavelengths, 385nm and 405nm.

Your digital solution

Digitisation will change the dental world forever. But the future only begins when streamlining individual solutions.

If you want an exciting digital future, you have to perceive it as an overall concept and actively embrace it. Dentamile is an initiative and platform design that supports this cause.

Our aim is a holistic work process, incorporating all the parties involved: dentists, dental technicians, dental laboratories, clinics and also patients.

According to Craig Howlin, laboratory owner, the Dentamile concept achieves exactly that: ‘I am looking forward to introducing this easy to use, operator-friendly software into the laboratory workflow. With this cloud-based system it makes it easier to discuss individual cases with the dentist in real time. This therefore results in an exacting prosthesis with minimal, if any, chairside adjustment.’

The future is now! With our digital portfolio, you can have a reliable solution for your dental 3D printing requirements. We are ready! Can you say the same?

Want to know more about the Dentamile concept? Our digital experts and the service and support team are here for you. Just contact us at [email protected].

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