Out of office – Sonia Ali on fashion and her love to travel

sonia ali discusses fashionSonia Ali talks to us this week about attending the best fashion shows and her desire to visit much more of Europe when possible.

Please introduce yourself

Hi, I’m Dr Sonia Ali, principal of Westbournegrove Dental in London.

What do you get up to in your spare time away from dentistry?

My passion is dentistry. But in my spare time, I enjoy to travel and I love to experience the beauty of different world iconic landmarks and architecture. Even if it’s only a short break to see the family in Scotland.

I enjoy learning about different cultures and even enjoy the challenge of learning a new language.

Italy is my favourite country and I aspire to explore more and as much of the world as possible in my spare time.

In addition, I enjoy fashion. I’m in line with the latest trends, so always like to squeeze in a little time to see the best fashion show exhibitions and visit the best boutiques across the globe and especially here in London.

Family is important to me. They are based in bonnie Scotland so I take frequent trips up and love a good walk around Loch Lomand shores and Cameron House and Marr Hall.

Are you a foodie? Why and what particular food do you go for?

I am a foodie and enjoy all sorts of international cuisine. Particularly Italian, Lebanese, I’m a great lover of sushi.

I am attempting to master my cooking and baking when I can in my spare time. I’m currently enrolling in a course for this.

I enjoy healthy eating as well and try my best to incorporate this into my lifestyle. I have recently become fascinated with vegan hot chocolate!

Are you into any sport? If so what sport and why did you get into it in the first place?

I was a keen hockey player back in the school days and was the captain of my hockey team. Due to a lower back injury I was unable to pursue this to the next level.

I don’t have a preference for a particular sport, but enjoy pilates, spinning/bike and Zumba dance classes.

What type of television/movies do you like – any guilty pleasures?

I love thriller movies and of course going to see the odd Bollywood hit once a year with the family.

In my spare time, I enjoy the pleasure of going to the theatre and watching live performing arts and musicals. Particularly London’s best.

Do you like to travel and do your hobbies take you anywhere in particular?

I love travel. In my holidays I enjoy the beaches of Langkawi and Mauritius as well as discovering new places.

I find Turkey in particular enchanting and enjoy seeing the famous historical sites. I wish to see much more of the best of Europe when possible in the future.

Why is it important to have hobbies away from your profession?

Away from dentistry, I feel it’s important to spend quality time with family and friends in the little spare time that I have.

I enjoy the spa and swimming as it’s helps me relax and unwind as well as baking when I can. My favourites are pavlova and carrot cake to name just a couple!

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