Facial aesthetics – when dentistry meets art

facial aestheticsTara Francis explains how she incorporated facial aesthetics into dental practice life.

What made you decide to offer facial aesthetics?

I’ve always been interested in aesthetics generally. Not just on the face, but in architecture, nature, photography etc. So this fitted well with my dental background and artistic interest.

I loved the idea of helping people feel more confident also.

Where did you do your training?

I did my training with a company in London.

After my experience attending many advanced courses, I decided to start my own academy, The London Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, with two of my colleagues. We felt that most courses were not comprehensive enough, do not provide enough models, or are just missing that extra bit of flare.

I’m really proud of the academy.

How did you incorporate facial aesthetics into Elleven Dental?

We are slowly incorporating facial aesthetics into a care plan when patients come in for their first assessment appointment.

It is important to us at Elleven Dental that we offer holistic treatment and care to the patient, fully discussing lifestyle, their motivation for treatment, and their overall expectation.

It is our responsibility to offer patients all treatment options that we feel could benefit them towards their end goal.

How long has Elleven Dental offered facial aesthetics?

Elleven Dental has now been offering facial aesthetics for over one and a half years. Time has gone by so quickly!

Which services do you offer?

I currently offer all dermal filler treatments on the face. For example, lip enhancement, nose reshaping, chin reshaping, filling in the tear trough, restoring lost volume in areas that have aged, and contouring the face. I also use dermal filler in the hands to hydrate and defy the signs of ageing. I use hyaluronic acid-based fillers, but also use collagen/bio-stimulating fillers.

We offer botulinum toxin treatments to help with lines on the face, but also for hyperhidrosis (in the face and underarms).

In addition, we have skin treatments, which are now becoming my favourite thing!

Which treatments are the most popular at present?

Currently, I’d say lip enhancement is still the most popular treatment.

It works very well with dentistry also, as it all comes with creating a beautiful smile. Close second, is profile balancing or harmonisation. Here we look at the relationship between the nose, lips and chin in most cases.

What is the response like from patients?

I’m very blessed that patients trust me with such an important treatment. I aim to give them the best care, and result possible.

As a result, the feedback is so lovely, and the result is life-changing for some people. I do get messages daily from patients, expressing their thanks and gratitude. It’s the definition of job satisfaction.

How do you see things changing over the next 10 years?

I do think the more subtle approach will come into play, and be even more appreciated. This is something I strongly believe in and preach to my patients.

I also think skin care and treatments (topical, injectable and device based) will start to become more recognised in their importance.

The aesthetics industry is forever changing, and it’s an exciting time within the field!

This article first appeared Aesthetic Dentistry Today. You can read the latest issue here.

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