Whitening shouldn’t be a sensitive issue

sensitive teeth from whiteningDiscover how to soothe the problem of sensitivity for patients undergoing tooth whitening treatment.

For patients undergoing tooth whitening, dentine hypersensitivity is a recognised problem.

Teeth and gums can become sensitive both during or after whitening. This is due to the perfectly safe thermal and chemical changes that occur during the process.

Sensitivity is generally related to the principle whitening ingredients; hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These are able to penetrate through enamel and into dentine very quickly. Especially with younger patients where the dentinal tubules are more open.

To a lesser extent, factors such as the concentration of peroxide, ill-fitting trays or not using products as prescribed can also affect the degree and duration of sensitivity.

Other oral health problems such as gingival recession, exposed dentine, cavities or a cracked or damaged tooth can also contribute to hypersensitivity.

Therefore, these need assessing and treating before any whitening treatment can proceed.

These are conditions that often lie undiagnosed. It’s why a detailed pre-treatment patient assessment is essential to find and treat any underlying issues.

An effective solution

Whether patients choose in-practice, take-home day or night whitening or quick-fix, brush-on options, they must be made aware from the outset of the possibility of sensitivity during their whitening treatment.

But also that there are effective solutions to the problem.

This includes Pola Soothe, a sustained release, high pH gel from SDI Ltd. It works quickly to soothe any discomfort and complements the full range of SDI Pola professional whitening treatments.

Pola Soothe contains 6% sustained-release potassium nitrate. This blocks transmission to the nerves to prevent pain and provide a calming effect for the patient.

This is combined with 0.1% fluoride, which blocks the dentinal tubules. It effectively reduces sensitivity while assisting with the remineralisation of the teeth.

A leading authority on tooth whitening and aesthetic dentistry, Dr Linda Greenwall, is a great advocate of Pola Soothe: ‘Pola Soothe is a really excellent product. I recommend it for any patient suffering from sensitivity.’

In her video she recommends using Pola Soothe in bleaching trays for 45 minutes at a time to stop sensitivity. Either before bleaching, after bleaching or instead of bleaching.

‘We know that up to 85% of patients have sensitivity during bleaching. We give all our patients a syringe of Pola Soothe every time we provide a treatment. It is a brilliant application for patients to stop sensitivity.’

As a topical treatment, Pola Soothe generates no aerosols. Unlike other desensitisers, it does not interfere with the whitening process.

Its high viscosity also makes it easy to apply and remains safely in the tray during treatment.

Getting back to practice

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease and practices reopen, clinicians are looking to return to offering a full range of dental treatments as soon as it is feasible to do so using minimal AGPs.

One such treatment is whitening; the ultimate feel-good cosmetic choice for patients looking to treat themselves after many weeks of confinement.

SDI is offering dentists a free ‘back to practice’ whitening toolkit.

Simply email [email protected] and request your pack today.

For more information about SDI Pola Soothe, call 07970 156 178, email [email protected] or visit sdipola.co.uk.

Watch Linda Greenwall’s video here:

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