Case of the week – the curious case of the cracked upper central incisors

Janine Sohota and her case of the week on central incisors

This week we’re launching a new feature where we bring you the latest clinical case of the week.

To kick off, Dr Janine Sohota brings you the curious case of the cracked upper central incisors. This clinical case is completely free for you to download and peruse in your own time. To download the article for free, simply log in below and click on the link to download the pdf.

In this case a 49-year-old female patient attended Bilton Dental Clinic for a routine examination.

The patient had good dental health and her oral hygiene and periodontal condition was optimal.

The only cause for concern were the large buccal fracture lines in both the central incisors that extended subgingivally and also palataly.

Over time, the patient noticed the cracks deepening, and the level of staining due to the fracture lines became unsightly.

Sadly, she was becoming more self-conscious when smiling and talking. When asked her if she had considered having cosmetic treatment she disclosed that this had never been offered to her.

There was no doubt this was a complex case, but at this stage with the cracks expanding there was imminent and inevitable risk of vertical root fracture long term.

Hence, treatment was needed to improve aesthetics and save the upper centrals.

More about Janine Sohota

Dr Janine Sohota graduated from Birmingham Dental School in 2012. Since then she has worked around Warwickshire and London in private practice.

Utilising a minimally invasive, ethical approach, Janine believes in providing patients with exceptional care and the most natural, realistic results possible.

This clinical case is completely free for you to download. To download the article for free, simply log in below.

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