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Missed out on this week’s dental news? No problem, here’s what happened over the past seven days…

What do local lockdowns mean for dentistry in Wales?

As counties across Wales start to head into lockdown, the chief dental officer has spoken out about what this means for dental practicesAs COVID-19 cases increase, it’s perhaps unsurprising that we are seeing more and more local lockdowns put in place. Wales, in particular, saw new restrictions enforced first in Caerphilly, quickly followed by Rhondda Cynon Taf. CDO Colette Bridgman spoke out about what this means for dentistry. Fingers crossed these local measures help to curb the spike in cases.

‘Level of uncertainty’: fears of further lockdowns as practices in Wales fight impact of pandemic

But some dental professionals in Wales fear further lockdowns will harm dentistry. We heard from Owain Dimmick, of the Independent Dental Association Wales (IDAW), who discusses the key obstacles faced by mixed and private practices right now. 

Bruxism: the impact of COVID-19 on the nation’s oral health

Dr Ahmed Hussain and Zainab Al Mukhtar discuss the rising problem of bruxism during the pandemicThe pandemic has led to an increase in a variety of health concerns – bruxism included. This week, two dentists spoke about what to look out for and what practices can do to help their patients.

Fallow time: 10 minutes ‘appropriate’ for open-plan clinics, suggests study

The cross-infection risk following AGPs in an open-plan clinic is 'small', prompting researchers to suggest a reduction in fallow timeFallow time – frustrating as it is, current guidance still suggests a minimum of 20 minutes with the correct systems in place. But new research suggests that the majority of particles settle in the first 10 minutes. The team concluded that decontamination and cleaning may be appropriate after this time period. Will this be the next step?

‘More important than ever’: dental teams urged to get flu jab in face of COVID-19

Top healthcare clinicians are calling on all NHS workers to get their annual flu jab as soon as possibleWith winter around the corner, it’s that time of year where NHS staff are urged to get a flu jab to prevent too much pressure being placed on hospitals. But this autumn, it’s more important than ever. Leading clinicians are calling on frontline dentists to get the vaccine as soon as possible in preparation for the possible COVID-19 spike.

Government progress ‘slow’ in tackling childhood obesity

Government progress in tackling the growing problem of obesity has been slow, reports the UK's independent spending watchdog
The UK government has been ‘slow’ to tackle the growing childhood obesity crisis, a spending watchdog has revealed. This summer, Boris Johnson indicated a greater willingness to help so let’s hope it stays high on the agenda. After all, what may not appear as a priority right now is likely to become an even more expensive health concern in the future.

Experts call for government to ban ‘misleading’ packaging on sugary fruit snacks

Similarly, leading experts are calling for a ban on ‘misleading’ packaging on sugary fruit snacks. Action on Sugar argue that some so-called ‘fruit snacks’ can contain up to five teaspoons of sugar.

‘More determined than ever’ – one journey from dental nurse to dentist

Nicole Walker opens up about her ongoing journey from dental nurse to dentist – and why she will never give upAnd finally, we heard from dental nurse Nicole Walker who’s on a mission to become a dentist. A really inspiring read!

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