Reduce the spread of aerosols using an extra-oral suction unit

AerosolsWith AGPs limiting the amount of dentistry practices can undertake, BA International introduces a way to reduce aerosols.

Optima EOS350 – extra-oral suction unit

With AGPs a highly discussed topic at the moment, you may be considering products to help lessen the spread of aerosols during dental procedures.

The Optima EOS350 is an extra-oral suction unit that BA International introduced recently to its range.

It effectively captures droplets and airborne aerosols dental treatments generate.

With a HEPA 14 filtration system, it traps 99.995% of particles ≥ 0.3micron. BA positioned double UVC lamps before the filter to inactivate viruses and bacteria caught in the filter. This makes the suction unit efficient in purifying the air in enclosed clinics.

The system releases exhaust air via a rear-mounted air vent. This is at the top of the system to prevent blow-up of any dust particles or contaminants from the floor.

Overall, the unit has a lightweight and portable design. Mounted on wheels, you can easily move the unit from one surgery to another using its pull handles.

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Multi-buy deals on speed increasing contra-angles

Red band speed increasers are known for generating fewer aerosols than high speed turbines. BA International has a few options for dentists looking to upgrade their equipment here as well.

All of BA’s speed increasers (for example the top range BA200LTS) as well as other handpieces across its ranges, are currently part of a ‘buy two, get one free’ offer.

High speed turbines with anti-retraction valves are also a part of the multi-buy deal. As well as general slow speeds without light or spray for mitigating risk around AGP procedures.

For those in need of an electric motor to run their speed increasers, BA offers the EM420 micromotor. This simply plugs into the dental chair’s handpiece tubing.

For more information on BA’s products or services, please contact the team on 01604 777700 or [email protected].

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