Stay up to speed with the brand-new 20% faster Generation Red E scanners

3shape announces the launch of its brand-new Generation Red E scanners for laboratories.

The Generation Red E scanners are upgrades of the 3shape E1, E2 and also E3 dental lab scanners to the same next generation platform as the award-winning E4 lab scanner.

The next generation platform therefore enables the three Generation Red E scanners to scan 20% faster for optimised productivity.

The new Generation Red E scanners also add a signature red ring to the Red Dot award-winning E scanner design.

20% faster at no extra cost!

Despite the significant boost in scanning speed, all Generation Red E scanners are available at the same price points as their corresponding E models.

‘With the 20% increase in speed, coupled with the already lightning fast E4, the Generation Red line of lab scanners make it easier than ever for labs to do more of what they love, faster,’ says Rune Fisker, 3shape senior vice president, product strategy.

‘Productivity is paramount for labs. The speed and accuracy of Generation Red E scanners combined with our easy-to-use software therefore ensures that lab professionals can work quickly, predictably, and at a great price!’

Save up to €2,000 on a brand-new Generation Red Scanner today

Up until the end of November 2020, labs can save up to €1,000 on a new Generation Red E Scanner. And up to €2,000 by trading up their old 3shape lab scanner for a new Generation Red E scanner.

3shape is encouraging professionals to contact their 3shape reseller for complete details on the offer.

Generation Red E scanner speeds and accuracy

Generation Red E scanners include from two to four 5MP cameras (depending on the model) and auto start scanning.

ISO-documented accuracy in the E4 and E3 models is suitable for implant bars.

The E line of lab scanners are Red Dot international product design winners.

Generation Red E4 Generation Red E3 Generation Red E2 Generation Red E1
Full arch scan speed Nine seconds 18 seconds 24 seconds 32 seconds
Full arch impression scan speed 45 seconds 64 seconds 72 seconds 104 seconds
(ISO 12836)
4μm 7μm 10μm 10μm

Discover more about the Generation Red E lab scanners: Or speak to the 3shape UK team on [email protected] and find out more about the introductory offer.

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