Galderma launches a new initiative to help clinics Bounce Back

Galderma is launching an important boost to its Bounce Back with Galderma programme to help clinics rebuild their businesses. Galderma will fund discounts of up to 100% to the Consentz practice management software. Enabling clinics to make the transition towards a paperless system at a time when efficient, streamlined working is critical.

‘Galderma is committed to doing everything we can to help clinics bounce back,’ says Toby Cooper, business unit head, Galderma UK Ltd. ‘This Galderma-funded discount will help clinics to trial a paperless system at very little or no cost. Helping them to focus on treating patients and rebuilding their business.’

What is Consentz?

The Consentz system attracted Galderma because it has a number of features specially designed to help clinics bounce back. At a time when reducing the number of people in the clinic is so important, the system allows practitioners to send questionnaires, perform consultations via video conference and sign consent forms remotely.

Consentz designed the system so it can be up and running in less than 10 minutes. This is with pre-populated patient notes and medical questionnaires. Back up GDPR-compliant data and encrypt it for ultimate security and invoices at the touch of a button.

The system is also a great way to educate patients on additional treatments, products or discounts. All via videos and leaflets that users can upload onto the system. To give extra value, Galderma will also pre-load the entire Bounce Back suite of materials onto Consentz.

‘High quality photography is becoming more and more important as clinics increase their profile on social media,’ says Katie Bennett, Restylane brand manager, Galderma UK Ltd. ‘The built-in ghosting and image comparison software allows cropping of images, rotations and annotations. The way that the system helps clinics segment and target current and prospective clients also impresses me.’

To take advantage of this Galderma-funded discount, clinics will need to request a discount code, which they can redeem on the Consentz website by 30 September 2020.

Subscribers to the Galderma newsletter and Bounce Back package will receive a unique discount code. Non-subscribers can request a code by emailing [email protected].

The discount will last for a period of four months and will range from 50% to 100% depending on the subscription level. Clinics will need to use an iPad to access the full features of the Consentz platform.

For more information about Consentz go to

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