Marketing is not a victim of COVID-19

Chris Barrow explains why marketing your practice and services to potential new patients is so important now as we head back to practice.

Return to work

Moving into the return to work phase will highlight a backlog of patients needing treatment. Whether it’s emergency, functional repair or elective treatments, practices are very busy.

But Chris is encouraging practices not to lose sight of the fact that it’s still important to perform simple acts and ensure a steady supply of new patients. He says don’t forget to:

  • Keep posting to social media with good stories about your team and patients
  • Make sure your website is attractive and people want to stick around and also interact with you
  • Use a blog, video blog or patient newsletter to stay in touch with patients
  • Every day you need to huddle with the team to get feedback on who’s coming into the building
  • Have a robust end of treatment conversation with patients, maybe online.

‘Stay on top of marketing,’ Chris Barrow says. ‘You don’t dig a well in a drought, you dig a well when it’s raining. It’s raining patients right now. Make sure you plan for the future.’

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