There has never been a better time to switch plan provider

As practices look to future-proof their businesses in the ‘new normal’, Angela Beale explores the benefits of switching plan providers.

There is no doubt that we are all experiencing an unprecedented and unexpected challenge. Both personally and professionally. And we’ll continue to do so for some time.

But what would you say if you could meet this challenge head on? By switching plan providers with a 100% patient transfer rate and saving 40% on your current fees. All with enhanced customer service levels.

That is exactly what Measham Dental achieved. A practice that switched throughout lockdown, engaging 100% effectively on Zoom. And the process was seamless for them.

Safety and success in tandem

Many dental practices have now re-opened, having worked hard to create the safest possible environment for both the team and patients in the wake of COVID-19.

Safety remains, of course, paramount. But also high on any business plan is making a financial success of things moving forwards as we work towards getting back on an even keel.

So, now is the perfect time for reflection. Review the costs of your current plan provider and reduce your operational overhead by switching provider.

Quality and service

There is an adage that you get what you pay for. That if you buy something cheaply then there is bound to be a catch somewhere. Often that is true, but not when it comes to Patient Plan Direct plans.

In fact, in the 2008 recession, 46% of consumers who switched to cheaper brands thought they performed better than expected (Betsy Bohlen, 2009). We know you will feel the same about us.

With us, you pay only for what you need in a plan, not for services that you simply will never use.

That is how we are able to offer such great value and could save you up to £150,000 over five years.

As for service levels, when clients call, they get through to a human being who will deal with any queries efficiently and in a timely manner. No call backs, no answerphones, no email-only contact or ‘call centre mentality’.

Switching in the ‘new normal’

Patient Plan Direct offered a full ‘business as usual’ service to clients immediately upon the announcement of lockdown. The company is structured in such a way that enables the operations, support and business development teams to work seamlessly and remotely.

That was great news for Sandra Ferreira, the principal dentist at Measham Dental, and her team, who started the switch process with us before lockdown and finalised the switch in June.

Speaking about her experiences, Sandra said: ‘At the beginning of the year, I was looking into switching my plan provider because I wanted to future-proof the practice’s finances and as part of that I needed to bring costs down.’

Sandra continued: ‘I had met Janice Charlton, Patient Plan Direct’s business development manager for the south, some time earlier. It made sense to contact her to see what she could offer us. It turned out we would be able to save 40% off the costs of our previous provider. Without a drop in service. In fact, the service has been incredible.’

Commenting on the enforced social distancing during the switch process, Sandra had this to say: ‘Funnily enough, we had our first meeting over Zoom. Of course that’s how we continued with our relationship once I decided I wanted to work with Janice. I don’t think that meeting face-to-face would have been any different for me. I still built a great rapport with Janice and she was able to do everything we needed. This includes team training over Zoom,’

We know how helpful a 40% saving would be because we understand the challenges you are currently facing. We spend our every waking hour supporting our customers with the retention and growth of their patient plans and team wellbeing, offering unwavering and unparalleled service levels.  Service levels that have been a lifeline for our customers.

Bulk Change makes all the difference

One significant aspect of switching provider is the need to transfer all patients from one scheme to another. If you worry about the process, don’t be.

The great news is that, with the Bulk Change process, patients do not need to sign a new direct debit instruction when a practice switches plan provider.

Patient Plan Direct takes care of all the paperwork in the background, leaving the dental team to carry on with running the practice and caring for patients. There is no interruption to monthly plan collections, and patients can be told about the changes well in advance of the switch.

This system is so good that when Sandra’s practice went through the Bulk Change process, they had a 100% patient transfer rate.

Having now been through the whole process, Sandra commented: ‘The availability of Bulk Change definitely factored into my decision to switch. It offered incredible peace of mind. As promised, the whole thing happened behind the scenes. All we had to do was send patients a note explaining the benefits of the switch, based on a draft letter Janice provided. None of our patients queried the move. No-one dropped off the plan because of the change. We carried on as much as we were able given lockdown, preparing to re-open set for a positive future.’

Facing the future

Now is the time to take action and prepare for the future. When it comes to your plan provision, ask yourself:

  • Am I paying over the odds?
  • Do I need all these extras?
  • Are any short-term offers going to help me in the long run?
  • Am I getting the right level of service to meet my needs?

If any of your answers do not sit comfortably with you, then you should consider switching to a value and service-driven provider that will support you every step of the way.

It is so easy! You could achieve this saving to your bottom line in a matter of months. With no risk to patients and no change to service levels. Quite simply, just giving you a better service for less cost.

To start, simply:

Our message is: ‘Your business, your patients, your income, your decision.’

If you like the sound of that, why not get in contact and we can guide you through the steps to help you get a better service for less?

You’ve everything to gain and nothing to lose… other than excessive plan administration fees!

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