Stars of Dentistry Online – Frank Spear: The management of challenging anterior relationships

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Next in the Stars of Dentistry Online series, we look back at Frank Spear and his lecture ‘The aesthetic and functional management of challenging anterior relationships’.

You can see the complete lecture below.

Patients who present with tooth wear and aberrant anterior occlusal relationships, such as end-to-end occlusions, or deep overbites, can be confusing to treatment plan. The clinician also often assumes they must alter the vertical dimension.

This presentation will aid in the understanding of how to diagnose and treat anterior dental relationships. This will therefore result in an aesthetic and functionally acceptable outcome. The focus will be on the interaction of overjet, overbite and vertical dimension in creating the presenting problem, as well as solving it.

Aims, objectives and outcomes

  • The role overjet plays in the aesthetic and functional relationships of anterior teeth
  • What needs evaluating to identify the aetiology of aberrant anterior relationships
  • What options exist for creating or reducing overjet to allow correction of anterior tooth position.

More about Frank Spear

Arguably the most influential dentist in the world, Dr Frank Spear is the founder and director of Spear Education. Frank continues to be recognised as one of the premier educators in aesthetic and restorative dentistry in the world today. Frank is also an affiliate professor in the graduate prosthodontics programme at the University of Washington. Together with long-time practice partner Dr Greggory Kinzer, Frank also maintains a private practice in Seattle specialising in aesthetics and fixed prosthodontics.

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