Life in practice after lockdown – Chris Barrow

With dental practices returning, Chris Barrow touches on the impact lockdown has on his business and gives his advice on dentistry’s return to work.

More about Chris Barrow

Chris has been in full-time employment for 49 years. He has operated his own businesses for 32 years. And he has been a trainer, consultant, coach and mentor to the UK dental profession for 23 years.

Chris combines long experience and deep expertise with originality and independence to resolve the thorniest problems.

Chris spent the first 17 years of his working life in the corporate sector. Thirty years of business ownership followed this.

In 1987 Chris was active in the establishment of the Institute for Financial Planning. This was an organisation representing the first fee-based financial planners in the UK; Chris specialised in working with small businesses.

In 1993 Chris decided to make the transition to business coaching. He became one of the first UK students at Coach University, from where he graduated as a certified coach. Recognising the opportunity in the dental profession, 1997 saw the creation of The Dental Business School (DBS) and the development of a 12-month business coaching programme for dental practice owners and their teams, delivered to over 1,000 UK dental practices in the following 10 years.

In 2014 Chris experienced a ‘brief but enjoyable’ summer of celebrity after appearing as one of the first castaways on the TV survival show The Island with Bear Grylls. Here he was abandoned with 12 others on a Pacific desert island and left to fend for himself for a month.

His own day to day work as Coach Barrow with The Extreme Business programmes still focuses on strategic coaching with the owners of dental practices and micro-corporates.

See Chris’ 90 seconds during lockdown video here.

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