Dental team changes – coming back after lockdown

dental teamRaha Sepehrara considers the difficult decisions some members of the dental team are making and how business owners should deal with this.

Lockdown imposed an unexpected and forced change in our lives. As we slowly go back to some sort of normality, we will face new changes in our day-to-day life and at work.

We are all aware of the new modified workflow in dentistry, but something else that will also change is our team.

When we return to practice, we may see team members not returning. Financial difficulties may cause redundancies in some practices. Health reasons may force some to shield and stay away from work for an unknown length of time. Some team members may still be on furlough due to reduced capacity and social distancing. Many may also see long-standing team members depart for pastures new.

Dental team changes

There have been lengthy talks about how the slower pace of lockdown; the pause that many of us have experienced after many years of ‘busyness’, has led a lot of people to reconsider their lives and careers.

I have seen people realise what it is they really enjoy in their personal and professional lives.

I have witnessed people have more clarity on what they did not want anymore.

Some have gone through immense pain and grief and have rethought their priorities.

Others had a taste of a different life and decided that was the right time to put their instruments down.

As business owners and as a team we must prepare for these changes too. This is not the time to judge. This is the time to understand each other and the time to support each other.

A principal may feel hurt that a long-standing team member might leave. It’s understandable; after all, we spend so much time at work and our team becomes our work family. What we mustn’t forget is that the person leaving is leaving because they have to do the best for themselves and their families at this moment and time.

It’s nothing personal.

Shift your thoughts to thoughts of gratitude for the good years together.

Focus on the new perspective that a new team member may bring to your team.

Don’t neglect those who are with you at this time. Show them your appreciation and your understanding for any of the struggles they may go through.

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