90 seconds during lockdown with…Bilal Salim

Could lockdown change the way the NHS offers dentistry? Bilal Salim gives his thoughts on the future of dentistry after lockdown.

More about Bilal Salim

Bilal is currently a practising dentist at Synergy Dental group. He qualified as a dentist from King’s College London, and he has been helping his patients ever since. He enjoys the hands-on nature of the role as well as meeting and getting to know each and every one of his patients personally.

Professionally he has been mentored by Dr Zuber Bagasi in dental implant treatments. Bilal has also worked alongside the award-winning Dr Monik Vasant.

As well as working tirelessly as a dentist, Bilal sees the importance of keeping physically active and in shape. After a consultation, he might even give patients expert tips for health and fitness!

Fitting in with the theme of physical fitness, Bilal has run the London Marathon. He raised money for a charity called Operation Smile. Operation Smile carries out cleft lip and palate treatments for children in developing countries. When he isn’t running marathons for charity or keeping in shape, Bilal enjoys a few notes on the piano or throwing some MMA moves.

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