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‘Look of panic’: one dentist’s experience working on the COVID-19 frontline


Jamie Durrant-Fellows is working in an NHS Trust to help fight coronavirus

We continue to hear your experiences of working on the frontline. This week Jamie Durrant-Fellows discusses his time on the frontline and the look of panic in some of his patient’s eyes.

New stats show healthcare workers do not have higher COVID-19 death rate

Dental practitioners and dental nurses are among the riskiest roles in relation to COVID-19 exposure, new government statistics reveal

Latest analysis from the Office for National Statistics shows that healthcare workers do not have higher rates of COVID-19 deaths compared with the general population.

BAPD launches recommendations on returning to clinical practice

BAPD launches its recommendations on returning to dental practice

Many associations and professionals are beginning to encourage a ‘back to work’ movement in dentistry. The BAPD kick started this by launching its recommendations on returning to clinical practice.

Dental groups band together to create ‘back to work’ guidance

Dental organisations have joined forces to come up with return-to-work guidelines as the UK begins to ease itself itself out of lockdown

Following this, other dental organisations have joined forces to provide return-to-work guidelines.

The DFT guide to coming out the other side of COVID-19

And Lorna Gladwin gave her DFT guide to coming out the other side of COVID-19.

COVID-19 – managing costs through a crisis

advice on managing costs

Andy Acton has given his thoughts on the important subject of managing costs through this coronavirus crisis. Before giving his advice on how practices can move forward.

Mouthwash could help lower COVID-19 transmissions, research suggests

A new report suggests mouthwash has the potential to fight COVID-19 and reduce transmission, prompting calls for further research

As we move towards the next phase of lockdown recent studies show how looking after our oral health can help. Mouthwash has been shown to help lower COVID-19 transmissions.

Denture hygiene reminders could help to slow COVID-19

Professor Martin Addy talks about ways dental teams can reemphasise hygiene messages to protect the vulnerable from COVID-19

And denture hygiene reminders could also help slow the virus.

Dentistry Top 50 – the 2020 results

Dentistry Top 50

You’ll be pleased to know the news this week wasn’t all about the coronavirus! Earlier this week we saw the release of 2020’s Dentistry Top 50 most influential people.

Drone technology: what the future of dentistry could look like

Dr Neel Barchha talks to Dentistry Online about drones, technology and where he sees dentistry heading

And Neel Barchha gave us his thoughts on what the future of dentistry might look like. Could it include drone technology?

Latest webinars

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Cashflow has never been more important.

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