Why the conventional route to happiness is flawed

In his third webinar, Dr Bashar Al-Naher, a dentist and principal of The Care Dental Group in Hammersmith, looks at why the conventional route to happiness is flawed.

The route to happiness

People often set aims, believing that once achieved, happiness will follow. This, he believes, is a recipe for disaster. It puts you on a perpetual treadmill of goal-setting, so you never reach an endpoint.

Another problem with the conventional route is that it sets people up for ‘failure’ when they do not reach their targets. They then feel despondent rather than elated. The opposite sentiment to the one they set out to achieve.

Furthermore, you should never rely on external things to achieve internal fulfilment. The current pandemic demonstrates perfectly how precarious and unstable the world is. So why trust it with something that’s as important as your happiness?

If you have any questions you would like to ask Bashar, please email [email protected].

Learning objectives:

  1. Explain why it’s impossible to be happy if reliant on external matters
  2. Demonstrate the flaws with the conventional model that purports to lead to contentment.

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