Protect-shield – a visor that fits all loupes and glasses

Evident explains why the latest Protect-shield visors are perfect for all dentists who use loupes.

Latest guidance from PHE regarding visors

Visors: provide barrier protection to the facial area and related mucous membranes (eyes, nose, lips) and are considered an alternative to goggles. Visors should be used if performing AGP aerosol-generating procedures. They should cover the forehead, extend below the chin, and wrap around the side of the face. Visors are available in both disposable and reusable options.

dentists wearing Protect-shield

Considerations for personal protective equipment

PHE CEM/CMO/2020/018 states about re-usable visors:

Reuse: this is currently recommended in the UK Infection Prevention and Control guidance, where the eye protection is not relabelled as single use only. The standard method of cleaning is to use a detergent product either combined/sequentially with a decontamination product as agreed by the local IPC specialists.

The need for visors that fit all loupes

It has been clear over the last few weeks from the number of calls that we have had from dentists looking for visors that allow them to wear their loupes, that this will be just one of the ways that we will routinely protect ourselves.

Unfortunately, up until now, Evident has only been able to provide visors that fit our Examvision loupes and a few others and we are fast running out of these. That is why we have used our extensive contacts to try to find an alternative that will fit every loupe.

The solution – Protect-shield

I am very pleased to say that we have found just that. We are now the sole agent of a brilliantly-designed visor that matches our requirement for excellence and innovation, which will fit all loupes and glasses.

The Protect-shield is a reusable visor, which is much kinder to the environment. We now have limited supplies of the new visor and some more are on the way as fast as they come off the production line. The connector parts are 3D printed as creating moulds will take months to finalise so there is a limit to the speed that these can be made.

While there is no shortage of material right now, we do not know if that will impact us later. The quality is exceptional with excellent clarity and coverage and they can be flipped up as well. They have a patent pending.

Ordering Protect-shield

We already have a list of committed orders and have created a website where you get further details about the product. All sales will be made in the order in which we receive them. Supplies are limited due to the worldwide demand. The cost of the Protect-shield is £120 + carriage + VAT.

Care and cleaning

The Protect-shield has a pore-free surface that is dirt resistant. Dust or dirt can be removed with running water and it can be disinfected with alcohol free solutions or wipes. Ideally a high quality microfibre cloth should be used.

Evident are agents for the professional e-cloths – microfibre cloths that trap contamination until rinsed; there is good clinical data regarding these. These e-cloths are large (50cm x 40cm) glass and polishing cloths that are perfect for cleaning the visor. They just need to be put into a washing machine and can also be autoclaved after washing. They are £5 each + VAT and also survive hundreds of washes and we recommend their use with the Protect-shields.

To purchase Protect-shield, visit, call 0808 1000 888 or email [email protected].

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