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Clearcorrect from the Straumann Group is a specialist clear aligner system in the dental market today. Dr Sean Power shares what he likes most about the system.

Clearcorrect is easy to use and delivers great results. It was very easy to start, without needing any expensive training courses. It enables me to provide a clear aligner treatment option to my patients with confidence.

The simplicity of treatment planning and delivery is probably my favourite feature. Uploading cases through the online portal is straightforward, and the 3D treatment set-up you receive a couple of days later is simple to view. This set-up is fully interactive, which enables you to carefully review the types of movements Clearcorrect is proposing and really get to grips with the design of the treatment and the movements at each stage, before proceeding with aligner manufacture. It’s also very easy to communicate with the technicians if you require alterations.

In addition, I like the extended trim line over the gingiva, which is evidence-supported to boost the retention of the aligner. This, in turn, reduces the need for engagers (attachments). Patients appreciate this and it benefits me with reduced surgery time spent placing engagers.

The Flex pay-as-you-go scheme is a great option for simple cases where you don’t need many aligners – typically, when treating minor relapse from childhood orthodontics. Paying for just a few aligners keeps lab fees really low. With the Unlimited option you have the assurance that you pay a lab fee once and you won’t have anything else to worry about regarding that case for five years, including retainers.

Investing in Clearcorrect

Over the past year, the Straumann Group has invested in Clearcorrect and offers a comprehensive service throughout the UK. Whenever I have any issues, I just email the support centre and they always respond promptly and personably.

The Straumann Group has always had a reputation for quality in the implant field. As such, I’m sure when they took over Clearcorrect in 2017, they did so with belief in the product. For me, this further confirmed the quality of the system itself.

The digital workflow

To get the most from the system, Sean utilises a digital workflow after working with two different intraoral scanners.

Using the 3shape Trios scanner is very straightforward as the interface allows sending scans directly to Clearcorrect. With the Itero scanner it’s also simple – you just have to download the STL file for scans and then upload them to the Clearcorrect online portal. Both processes result in quick patient treatment set-ups. The digital workflow is much less hassle than traditional methods. It also provides greater accuracy – since we changed to digital, the fit of the aligners has been far superior.

Clearcorrect also comes with the innovative Dentogo remote treatment monitoring app. This utilises artificial intelligence for highly convenient and efficient treatment procedures. To find out more about this and the many other features available, contact the Straumann Group today.

For more information on Clearcorrect, visit

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