How practices can continue to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic – part one

Working from home during COVID-19It’s time to transform your business by evaluating opportunities at this time of crisis, Shaz Memon suggests.

‘Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.’

The business may have its doors shut, or on a skeleton emergency service right now, but you don’t have to be seeing patients or clients to be ‘working’. We all know that a successful business has a lot of moving parts. You and your team can now finally do all the things that give your business that edge on efficiency and growth. This is all, of course, subject to a team member not being on furlough leave. You should not ask employees to do any work whilst laid off from work.

The time will come when we are past this pandemic and will be saying again: ‘I wish there were more hours in the day’. That time has come now, and we can all get together to devote some serious time, focus and energy into improving your business. We must all take advantage of this time to build the best versions of our enterprises that ever existed. Not just for the betterment of your company functions, but a better experience for your patients or clients.

Also, another great thing about this time is that those who previously critiqued inefficient parts of the business that need change, now have the opportunity to offer their insights and suggestions. How powerful is it that their voice can be heard, and they will be responsible for bringing about important change? That is certainly something to be proud of for any team member.

I have created the first part of a free COVID-19 business survival planning workbook. This is for ‘the consultation’ where you ask every team member their opinions on the business prior to the pandemic.

How it works

  1. Send out this PDF to every member of your team and ask them to complete this thoroughly. This is an editable PDF, which means they don’t need to print it. Advise them you welcome honest critique, and you will value direct feedback – even feedback you may not like. Make sure not to react negatively to anything you don’t like the sound of! This is a positive exercise, and you must be thankful that your team is being open
  2. Set a deadline for when you want this PDF back. I advise no more than 48 hours (excluding non-work days). The task itself should not take more than two hours
  3. Compile all the feedback and go through it.

The next step in the COVID-19 business survival planning workbook will be the delegation step.

I will release part two of the workbook soon.

What sort of work can dental practice teams conduct from home?

  • Marketing planning
  • Systems and processes development
  • Analysis of failing parts of the practice
  • Training manuals
  • Patient re-engagement planning
  • Improving the patient experience.

In this multi-part article series, I will guide you through exercises equipped with downloads that you can put into practice right away.

Part one – the internal consultation

Every team member has a different perspective on the business. You may (or may not) share the same vision and values. The consultation exercise will get you to see and hear all team members and hear about where they feel weaknesses and strengths lie. This exercise will also give you a feel for how engaged team members are, by seeing how much effort they put into their answers.

You can download part one of the workbook here.

Check back soon for part two.

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