NHS volunteer offers support services to dentists during coronavirus emergency

An NHS volunteer is also offering up her time for free to assist struggling dentists in response to coronavirusSupport for dentists who are struggling in response to the coronavirus lockdown is being offered up for free.

Jane Lelean, a dentist and international coach, trainer and mentor, is hosting support sessions to assist dental professionals who are experiencing fear, worry or anxiety.

She said: ‘It’s very noticeable that dental professionals are struggling.

‘For most of those I’ve spoken to, they have fear, worry, an inability to make decisions.

‘These reactions are meaning they can’t respond and make the necessary moves for their practices and their teams.’

Jane, who used to run her own practice, hopes her free support will help dentists and their teams cope better with the stress at hand.

‘People are drowning in information but are thirsty for wisdom’ she said.

‘Many of the dentists I speak to are running around like headless chickens at the beginning. But after the coaching, I see that they’ve calmed down and are thinking ‘I can do this’.’

But her crisis contribution does not stop there.

Jane has also been confirmed as a remote therapy coach to emotionally and mentally support frontline NHS workers.

This will involve taking calls from any staff members who feel overwhelmed by the task at hand.

Jane said: ‘I’ve been really struggling as my natural reaction is that I really want to volunteer on the frontline.

‘However, my mum is shielded for her own personal health reasons. I care for her and do her shopping so it’s impossible for me to join the frontline without putting her at risk.’

Instil resistance

Jane said her sister-in-law saw the NHS was looking for individuals to help lessen the emotional burden of the crisis.

She was asked to list her coaching and therapeutic qualifications, accreditations, mentors, supervisors and the details of my professional liability insurance.

This comes as the chief dental officer for England, Sara Hurley, urges dental teams to step forward and volunteer their skills.

Jane heard back from the NHS and had her position confirmed within a week.

She said: ”I feel honoured and humbled to be chosen to join the team of therapists supporting those on the frontline.

‘I’m going to be taking calls in – they’re going to be wanting consultations; it’ll be done remotely, either on the phone, over Skype etc.

‘I am hoping that I can help NHS frontline workers be resourceful. They’re working really hard.

‘I want to instil some sort of resistance so they can dig in and find the energy to be able to calm their minds.

‘I am presupposing they are going to be making tough decisions, such as selecting patients who are treated and patients who are not.’

Jane is keen to help both dentists and NHS frontline staff keep healthy and respond effectively.

She added: ‘It’s not the so much the situation (COVID-19) that’s significant – it is your response to it that is key.

‘I want to help people respond to the situation effectively so preventing mental challenges, in the short or long term.’

If you or your team members would like some support, contact Jane to schedule a free therapeutic coaching call at [email protected]

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