Have you got two minutes to talk about mental health?

Practice Plan gathered together a panel of opinion leaders to discuss the big issues affecting the profession, including mental health.

In this video you can hear part of that discussion.

Rory O’Connor, clinical lead, at the Dental Health Support Trust talks about the highest risk of suicide for dentists.

Spotlight on Mental Health

To delve deeper into the issue, Practice Plan has launched the Spotlight On Mental Health survey.

It takes around two minutes to complete (or longer if you choose to add comments).

It will ask questions on topics such as work/life balance, how seriously your practice takes health challenges and the barriers to seeking help.

The survey is one of four that Practice Plan will carry out this year.

They are all part of the continuing evolution of the Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey, which has been running since 2014.

Nigel Jones, sales and marketing director of Practice Plan, said: ‘It was clear from our previous survey that mental health is a huge concern for the profession.

‘With the majority of both NHS and private dentists saying that their role negatively affects their health.

‘We have launched the new Spotlight On Mental Health survey to zero in on this troubling issue.

‘It will add to the weight of evidence that will hopefully spur the powers that be into action.’

You can fill in the Spotlight On Mental Health survey launched on Thursday 27 February here: http://bit.ly/2VsA30s.

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