Research update: facial thread lifting

thread liftingAesthetic Dentistry Today explores the latest research on facial thread lifting. These abstracts have been compiled from a search on Pubmed using the keywords teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, and aesthetic.

Facial thread lifting with suture suspension

Tavares JP, Oliveira CACP, Torres RP, Bahmad F Jr (2017)Braz J Otorhinolaryngol 83(6): 712-719


The increased interest in minimally-invasive treatments, such as thread lifting, with lower risk of complications, minimum length of time away from work and effectiveness in correcting ptosis and ageing characteristics has led many specialists to adopt this technique, but many doubts about its safety and effectiveness still limit its overall use.


To analyse data published in the literature on the durability of results, their effectiveness, safety, and risk of serious adverse events associated with procedures using several types of threading sutures.


Literature review using the key words ‘thread lift’, ‘barbed suture’, ‘suture suspension’ and ‘APTOS’. Due to the scarcity of literature, recent reports of facial lifting using threads were also selected, complemented with bibliographical references.


The first outcomes of facial lifting with barbed sutures remain inconclusive. Adverse events may occur, although they are mostly minor, self-limiting, and short-lived. The data on the maximum effect of the correction, the durability of results, and the consequences of the long-term suture stay are yet to be clarified.


Interest in thread lifting is currently high, but this review suggests that it should not yet be adopted as an alternative to rhytidectomy.

Long-term effect of the insoluble thread-lifting technique Fukaya M (2017)Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol 10: 483-491


Although the thread lifting technique for sagging faces has become more common and popular, medical literature evaluating its effects is scarce. Studies on its long-term prognosis are particularly uncommon.


One hundred individuals…

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