The generation game – generational differences in aesthetics

Sabrina Shah-Desai helps us navigate specific treatment demands and the generational differences in aesthetics.

The type of aesthetic treatment being demanded by patients is changing. With influence coming from all angles, ‘generation Y’ patients don’t just want to look younger, they want a specific look, and the social stigma associated with noticeable aesthetic work isn’t what it used to be.

As a younger generation seeks to go under the needle, what is the future of facial aesthetic treatment?

To find out we spoke to Sabrina Shah-Desai, a leading aesthetic reconstructive oculoplastic surgeon. ‘Generation X patients don’t want things to be visible, they just want glowing healthy skin’, says Sabrina. ‘Whereas generation Y (millennials) are all about enhancing their features. They are not afraid of saying they have had aesthetic treatments, and are likely to come with their friends.

‘Perhaps due to a smaller budget, the concern is they are more likely to go to a non-medical practitioner, because the price point is more important to them. They often wear their treatments like an adornment; it can be a fashion for much of the generation Y patients. ‘For the millennials it’s a trend – they want to be seen to be keeping up with the social media trends they’ve seen. But for most of my generation X patients, it’s just to look relaxed and refreshed.’

Generational differences in aesthetics

It’s clear that the younger generation comes with a different set of ideals on their treatment experience.

Times in aesthetic treatment are changing fast, and this is a really important thing to consider when marketing your clinic, but it’s not the only factor dividing aesthetic preference. ‘Each person ages differently and it’s based on not only their genetics and their lifestyle’, Sabrina continues. ‘You can’t use a one-size-fits-all approach because ageing is…

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