How Care Dental Platinum combines old fashioned values with new world technology

the team at care dental platinumStephen Hancocks journeyed ‘out west’ to visit Care Dental Platinum, a practice with a flair for style and attention to detail. He went to discover how old fashioned values and new world technology fuse with a gentle and enviable cohesion.

Playwright Oscar Wilde’s larger than life character Lady Bracknell of ‘a handbag?’ fame, also comments that: ‘To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness’. In the same way one might say of a dental practice that: ‘To have one chandelier in the reception is gold standard; to have two looks like platinum’. But that is just what Care Dental Platinum in west London’s Hammersmith aims to do; to be the best.

In other circumstances such a blush of opulence might seem out of place. But here the elegant charm of the décor provides the perfect setting for the very deliberate detailing that marks this practice out as caring beyond the extra mile.

Building Care Dental Platinum

Principal dentist, Dr Bashar Al-Naher, graduated from Guy’s Dental School in 1985. Early on in his career he developed an interest and a proficiency in treating anxious, nervous and phobic patients. He went on to take a masters degree in hypnosis applied to dentistry at University College London in 2003. During which time he created the unique ‘Enjoyable Dentistry Technique’. This now forms a central part of both the philosophy and the practical running of Care Dental Platinum.

Consequently, the practice attracts patients of a nervous disposition. It also attracts those patients who are frankly phobic. Care in these situations takes time and patience. Dr Bashar and his all female team, including family members, make no pretence that this comes with a cost. However, judging by the patient testimonials alone but also observing the technique of guided meditation, leaves one in no doubt that it is possible to achieve the most stunning results clinically and in terms of quality of life for the patients. Care Dental Platinum is now also preparing for a new wave of patients. Patients with conditions such as cerebral palsy and learning difficulties.

Calm approach

While combining a sense of tranquillity with its tasteful but unobtrusively design-conscious surroundings, the practice aims for a high tech but simultaneously calm holistic approach. It is efficiently appointed with sedation equipment throughout but also makes seamless use of other modern technologies. Dentist Safa Al-Naher explained, for example, how Durr’s Vistascan digital radiography system is integrated into the practice. And how its compact nature enables discrete care for their special patients. Its speed too is a great asset in these cases but without any compromise in quality. It produces excellent images on screen in a matter of seconds. We can then immediately share and discuss this with the patient.

‘Processing the digital films is fast minimising chair time and waiting. This is advantageous for nervous patients as they generally like to be in the chair for as little time as possible,’ explains Safa. ‘The films themselves are thin and unobtrusive and again are better for our nervous patients’. Given that Care Dental Platinum is a particular type of practice, would Safa recommend this to colleagues? ‘Yes without a doubt. The system can scan multiple radiographs in one go, with little delay in between, and the radiographs appear instantly on our screens in the surgery for use.’

Safa Al-Naher at Care Dental Platinum

The very best in patient care

The practice provides the full range of prevention, clinical care and treatment that one would expect in the modern world. Utilising the Enjoyable Dentistry Technique ensures that dentists carry out implants, orthodontics, oral surgery, restorative and prosthodontic dentistry as well as facial aesthetics and dermal fillers as appropriate. But don’t just take my word for it, in the testimonial of a recent patient she reveals: ‘Amazing experience at the hands of Dr Bashar. I had a crown prepared and had one of the most blissful experiences of my entire life.’

And finally, that Lady Bracknell quote that I started with. It comes of course from the delightful play The Importance of Being Earnest and I chose it because, as in the title, above all else Care Dental Platinum is as earnest as it is possible to be about the very best in patient care.

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