Using a dental imaging centre for implant CBCT scans

CBCT ScansCT Dent chats to Amit Mistry about the effectiveness of CBCT scans for dental procedures.

How long have you been using us, and what type of treatments do you use dental scans for?

Amit Mistry: Pretty much since you first opened in Manchester and for implant cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) scans only.

How critical are the scans for treatment planning and procedures?

Amit: It makes planning implant cases a lot more predictable. I can reduce the risks involved as I know where the bone is and if it is in the correct spot to place an implant, and where any vital structures I need to avoid are.

Did you use an alternative centre or dental practice before you started using CT Dent? If so, what led you to use CT Dent?

Amit: CBCT scans were not widely available before, so I found the service fantastic for my patients, and the service has improved every year as well.

What has your experience been like with CT Dent?

Amit: I have a great relationship with the staff and, as I have a large referral base, they help by sending me scans in the correct format. They also support with Tipton Training CBCT days as well.

CBCT scans

What has the feedback been from your patients who visited a CT Dent centre for a scan?

Amit: Everyone has been impressed with how efficient the service is.

Have you got any comments on the online portal and the services it offers?

Amit: I think it is fantastic and makes referrals a lot easier than by paper or telephone.

Do you have a preference on formats and software?

Amit: I prefer the ICAT vision, and both myself and my referring dentists can use the files to view the CBCT data.

What have you been able to achieve since using our service?

Amit: I can treat increasingly more complex implant surgery cases with predictability.

Tell us a bit more about how you work with CT Dent with courses via Tipton Training.

Amit: Alex provides information on CBCT development, how to refer for CBCT scans and shows delegates how to use the software.

CBCT is the single biggest change in implant dentistry over the past 20 years and I feel it is essential for all those training to do implant dentistry to
understand it.

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