Raman Aulakh lecturing at Align Technology’s Growth Summit

Raman Aulakh at Align Growth SummitDentistry.co.uk talks to Raman Aulakh about his experience of the Align Technology Growth Summit and what dentists can look forward to this year.

Three years ago, Align Technology held a Growth Summit in Copenhagen for progressive dentists. Its aim was to shine a light on digital developments in dentistry and the way they would impact on the profession.

So successful was the Growth Summit, that last year a second was held in Berlin. Specialist orthodontist Dr Raman Aulakh was an invited lecturer. As an Invisalign Diamond provider who has trained and certified over 3,500 specialist orthodontists and GDPs across Europe in the Invisalign system, he was able to draw on his possibly unparalleled expertise to field questions during a round table discussion with fellow colleagues, Drs Chris Orr and Hannu Vesaden. Together they explored ways to make minimally invasive interventions and yet achieve maximum results.

We caught up with Raman to find out about his return to the Growth Summit, taking place in Dubrovnik in June. He will run a treatment planning workshop. He’s also encouraging delegates to test his agility and pick his brain about the Invisalign and Itero systems.

The bigger picture

‘We need to look at the bigger picture,’ Raman said. ‘Invisalign is really only part of a comprehensive approach. It is therefore essential to appreciate all elements of dentistry and not just orthodontics (which is rich coming from an orthodontic specialist)! I have grown to appreciate that you can’t work in isolation. You really have to look at the patient’s issues as a whole. We need to consider all the patient’s functional and aesthetic needs, and take in their periodontal status, restorative requirements, and so on. Then we work on a phased approach to tackle everything in the right order.

The Growth Summit in Dubrovnik will also be an opportunity for me to work with dentists. We will look at a wide range of clinical cases from a whole comprehensive dentistry perspective. From examinations and diagnosis; to treatment goals and compressive treatment planning; translating these goals onto the digital platform, and then treating and monitoring. I am also really keen to share what works and what may not work (and how to circumvent perceived limits). I’ll consequently highlight any treatment barriers and challenges and provide tips on how to overcome them to achieve optimum results.’

Driving innovation

This is not about having an orthodontist on stage who can go through all the capabilities of Invisalign and Itero. It is about sharing knowledge to empower dentists to deliver comprehensive cases, which also includes Invisalign treatment, confidently in a safe and predictable way.

‘Align Technology is at the forefront of digital dentistry. The challenge for the company is to maintain its impetus to drive innovation. Align is doing this with intra oral scanners, apps, in face software and even a new direct to lab approach. The more we can learn how to use these the more we can echo their success.’

If you are a general dentist treating with the Invisalign system and would like more details about Align Technology’s 2020 European Growth Summit, or wish to know how to sign up to participate please visit: aligngrowthsummit.com.

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