Professor Tim Newton on demand exclusive ECPD programme

Professor Tim Newton

Colgate introduces its on demand exclusive ECPD programme with a video from Professor Tim Newton, including an hour ECPD.

There is extensive guidance on what patients should be doing to maintain and improve oral health. But much less guidance on how clinicians can deliver effective interventions to promote behaviour change in their patients.

Colgate invites you to view ‘Changing patient behaviour: Interventions that work’, delivered by Tim Newton, professor of psychology as applied to dentistry, King’s College, London, also providing up to one hour ECPD.

Professor Newton provides an overview of theory-informed evidence-based approaches to behaviour change. He also explores how clinicians can deliver effective interventions in a dental practice environment.


This session will therefore provide an overview of effective practice-based interventions to change the oral health of patients.

Learning objectives

By the end of the session participants will:

  • Have a knowledge of published research on behaviour change in dentistry
  • Therefore be able to identify the key elements of a behaviour change intervention
    • Providing guidance
    • Goal setting
    • Planning
    • Self-monitoring
    • Have considered the steps that would be required to introduce these techniques into their own practice.

GDC anticipated learning outcomes: A and D.

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