Faces and places in oral health – Claire Berry

Claire Berry award winnerClaire Berry explains why she first got into dentistry and what keeps driving her to do more.

What first got you into dentistry?

I was serving in the Intelligence Corps in the Army. But I decided I wanted a career that would stand me in good stead within the forces and then when I eventually left.

I have always taken a keen interest in anatomy and physiology. So I knew that I would suit a career in a medical or dental field. I am so passionate about my role as a dental hygienist. I feel eternally grateful to the forces for allowing me to train and forge a career in the dental industry.

What do you like most about it?

I think it is an exciting time to be in dentistry. Times seem to be changing and despite its challenges, now more than ever there are more career paths open to clinicians. Pushing the boundaries of the professions and widening opportunities is making it a fast paced and fun place to be.

Ultimately on a patient level I love helping the public. Not just the motivated ones who find themselves in my chair, but the wider public too. With the help of social media we’re sending messages to improve the oral hygiene of the nation. It’s an amazing thing to be a subject matter expert. I love knowing as much as I do about the topic. But then also having a wider understanding of how it affects the whole body systemically.

What is it like becoming an award-winner?

It’s a great feeling being an award winner. The main thing for me is that it is a great thing for the profession. Obviously on a personal level it is great…

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