Advertising and marketing for dentists…by a dentist

social media advertising and marketing for dentistsGrant McAree clears up the confusion surrounding advertising and marketing in dentistry before giving his top 20 tips.

Life is changing. Everything we knew yesterday can change in the blink of an eye. But nothing can compare to the huge influence social media now wields and how it has transformed our world. We live for likes, for contacts, for email bundles. Forget the Ice Age, the Iron Age – this looks set to be the Social Media Age.

The term ‘friends’ has taken on a new meaning. ‘Connecting’ and ‘bonding’ are now via screens and keyboards rather than over a drink or a chat. Embracing these changes may not change the world, but it could change your world. On my travels, I’ve met countless dentists who insist they’re happy, that they’re content with where they are: ‘I don’t need to advertise – never have, probably never will!’ they proclaim. But what if your own ship sails without you on it?

Advertising and marketing

We are constantly bombarded by sales and marketing for any and every type of consumer-led business. But take note: the marketing campaigns around these are actually genius. Aggressive, powerful, effective. And they will also change the future of dentistry forever… while we stand obliviously by, hoping – nay expecting – that our regulator will take control and save us. But we need to save ourselves and learn from these companies. Shout your message loud and clear, shout about why patients will benefit more from indirect braces and qualified dental-supported treatments.

So, how do we do that? How do we shout it out loud and clear? Simple: social media, advertising and marketing. Welcome to the game.

As I look back on my clinical…

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