Turbo-boosting your profits in facial aesthetics

Dr Harry Singh explaining facial aesthetics at LDS

Watch Harry Singh speak at the London Dentistry Show 2019 about boosting your profits through facial aesthetics.

As facial aesthetics grows in popularity, more dental practices are looking to get involved.

In the below video, Dr Singh explains that the intention of this lecture is to aim for a £1 million turnover through facial aesthetics for your practice.

It sounds difficult, but breaking this down, it’s a thousand patients paying £1,000 a year.

Dr Singh believes the hard part with this is getting the initial thousand patients through the door.

What’s your ‘why’ when undertaking facial aesthetics?

There are three reasons driving what makes a successful business – the Golden Circle.

Why you want to do something makes up 80% of your success rate.

Working out why you would like to get involved in facial aesthetics is the driving force behind your success in it.

‘Eighty per cent of dentists give up facial aesthetics within a year,’ Dr Singh claims.

He believes these dentists have gone into it for the wrong reasons and therefore lack confidence and passion in it.

Reaching the £1 million turnover

‘Start off with a £10,000 turnover target per month to reach your £1 million overall target,’ Dr Singh continues.

This works out at around 40 treatments per month if each patient is paying on average £250.

The target also needs sharing amongst the whole dental team.

Attracting new patients, converting them and then retaining them are the three steps to reaching your target.

In the below video, Harry Singh explains how to reach your £1 million target by attracting new patients, converting them and retaining them.

As you retain more patients, they refer friends and this potentially doubles…

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