Dentistry’s game changers – Sanjay Sethi on Orascoptic loupes

Sanjay Sethi discussing Orascoptic loupesTo celebrate 25 years of Dentistry magazine, we’ve asked leading dental professionals for their game-changing innovation that shaped their career. In this article we asked Sanjay Sethi what his game-changing product is.

Sanjay Sethi qualified from Guy’s Hospital in 1994 and started Square Mile Dental Centre in January 2000.

He has lectured extensively on implants and cosmetic treatment both nationally and internationally.

Between 2014-2016 Sanjay served as the president of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

He is also an active member of the European Academy Of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Orascoptic loupes

The ground-breaking product over the past 25 years transforming my career is the addition of quality magnification.

I have been using Orascoptic loupes for the past 20 years, since that time I have changed my magnification using the same brand three times from the x3.8 to x4.8.

Now I use the XV1 with the option of x3, x4 and x5 all through the lens with Konica lens for crystal clear vision.

This variety of magnification is great for surgery through to fine preparation and finishing.

With all magnification you also need a great light source that helps optimise the field of view to see what you are doing.

You cannot treat what you cannot see.

Therefore an addition to the magnification family in the past three years has been the Zeiss Pico microscope.

So a combination of the loupes and the scope has given me the ability to refine the level of precision involved in our ever-demanding and technical field.

Who is Orascoptic?

Orascoptic is a recognised pioneer in medical vision for more than 35 years.

Dental professionals constantly have their work on display in every smile that walks out of their practice.

Dental procedures require unique skill and precision, leaving dentists to often endure unnatural working positions for long durations.

Orascoptic’s goal is to provide superior visualisation across the globe with the latest advances in dental loupes, dental headlights and safety.

Focusing on advanced product performance and clinician-first features, Orascoptic’s mission therefore is to provide the most innovative magnification, illumination and ergonomic solutions.

In a series of third-part lab tests, Orascoptic loupes (2.5x) consistently outperformed the competition.

Results showed superior combined scores for field width, field depth, resolution and light transmission.

Most notably, the scores were ‘outstanding’ in the areas that contribute most to image clarity.

For more information and to to build your own Orascoptic loupes, visit

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