Positive patient engagement for a lasting impression

positive patient engagement, speech bubblesThe patient experience is an integral part of the treatment process. Neil Hillyard explains how engaging your patient makes a lasting impression.

In our previous four articles, we have explored patient engagement and orthodontic marketing. The aim – getting the patient to attend to learn more about their options for starting orthodontic treatment at your practice.

In this article, we will explore the patient engagement activities that need to be considered during the consultation.

First impressions count

From the moment the patient approaches your practice for the first time, they are forming impressions about the likely experience of undertaking treatment with you. If seeing a new patient welcome them by ensuring things such as medical history forms are ready. Consider the experience from the patient’s perspective and undertake a walk-through taking in as much detail as possible. If your website talks about attention to detail and a comfortable, relaxing waiting area, the patient experiences this.

A new patient may feel apprehensive when visiting a practice for the first time so take time with them and appreciate their feelings. Some patients may require more support than others, it isn’t easy opening up about insecurities they may have held for a long time. If your practice has a treatment coordinator, this is the ideal opportunity for a friendly, relaxed conversation in preparation for the consultation. You should always allow time for this process.

The consultation

During his presentation at the British Orthodontic Conference in London in 2018, Professor Jonathan Sandler described a consultation as a meeting of two experts, the clinician and the patient. There is a great deal of merit in reflecting on this statement. Does the process you…

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