What’s next for NHS dentistry?

Practice Plan is hosting events up and down the country sharing information on NHS dental contract reforming and working out what’s next for NHS dentistry. Seb Evans went along to find out what was being discussed.

The question on practices’ lips up and down the country is ‘What’s next for NHS dentistry?’. Dentists and dental practices in England have been calling out for a new dental contract since the introduction of the 2006 contract.

Despite launching pilots for a reformed dental contract in 2013, then running three rounds of prototypes, there is still a lot of confusion over what a new NHS dental contract might look like and how it will impact NHS practices.

To help clear up the confusion and create discussion among dentists, Practice Plan has hosted NHS debates around the country. The latest was in Chelmsford. Eddie Crouch, Nick Barker and Bhavin Patel were under the spotlight to discuss their experiences under the prototype contracts.

Whats next for NHS dentistry?
L-R Nigel Jones, Bhavin Patel, Eddie Crouch and Nick Barker

Shocking statistics

Kicking the event off, Nigel Jones, sales and marketing director at Practice Plan, introduced some shocking statistics. These come from Practice Plan’s Dentistry Confidence Monitor survey.

Some of the key figures to come from the survey show 89% of predominantly NHS dentists are either unhappy or very unhappy with the current NHS contract. Furthermore, 93% of dentists with NHS involvement feel that it is important the current NHS contract changes. And 84% of all dentists with NHS involvement said they didn’t feel confident in their knowledge of…

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